Oral Skin Care Supplements: A Growing Trend in Anti-Aging Solutions

Life Extension launches vegan collagen shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles


Move over, lotions and serums: taking a skin care supplement is an increasingly popular way to support healthy, youthful-looking skin. A recent survey of over 3,000 Life Extension customers* revealed that the top two skincare supplements are vitamin C, with 70% of respondents taking it, while 53% choose traditional collagen supplements. For those who would prefer a vegan alternative to collagen, Life Extension has launched Vegan Pro-Collagen. This innovative formula delivers a clinically studied combination of amino acids, vitamin C, and botanical extracts to aid collagen production in the body, and in clinical studies has been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 14%, enhance skin texture by 13% and increase collagen density by 8% after just eight weeks of use.
*Life Extension Customer Survey conducted May 2024

“Our ingredients include a carefully curated blend of collagen-friendly vitamin C, gotu kola and ginseng root extracts, and the identical amino acid ‘building blocks’ as type I collagen, which the body can use to make new collagen. This product was developed in collaboration with a skin tissue expert, Dr. Josué Jiménez Vázquez, PhD (National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico), whose research led to the formulation of the first science-based vegan alternative to type I animal collagen supplements,” explained Life Extension’s Innovation Team Leader, Dr. Asha Jaja-Chimedza, PhD.

According to Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, there are no vegan sources of collagen, but there are foods and ingredients that encourage normal collagen production in the body like tofu, lentils, citrus fruits, gotu kola and ginseng root. “If you follow vegan or vegetarian dietary patterns, or don’t care for traditional collagen supplements, finding an alternative that delivers collagen-friendly nutrients as well as an identical amino acid profile is a proactive way to keep youthful-looking skin,” he added.

Vegan Pro Collagen is the newest addition to Life Extension’s skin health line. It includes Skin Care Collection Day and Night Creams, topical lotions that support against signs of aging, and Daily Skin Defense, an oral supplement that locks in moisture and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

About Life Extension® 
For more than 40 years, Life Extension has pursued innovative advances in health, conducting rigorous clinical trials and setting some of the most demanding standards in the industry to offer a full range of quality vitamins nutritional supplements, and blood-testing services. Life Extension’s Wellness Specialists provide personalized counsel to help customers choose the right products for optimal health, nutrition, and personal care. To learn more, visit LifeExtension.com.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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