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Veganuary – Athlete Food Recipe

  We know that everybody wants to become healthier than ever, in January. More and more people are trending with #Veganuary, and starting something New,...

Companies Kick Off Veganuary With New Food and Tech Offerings for Growing Market

  For the first time in history, there's now a monthly health cause wrapped around veganism called Veganuary, which started in January 2021. A record number of...

Announcement in the World of Vegan Cuisine by Chef Vidya and Diya Miami

  With 2022 here and Veganuary, Chef Vidya Maharaj along with the Maharaj family are sharing big news regarding their Miami Beach based restaurant Diya Miami. Diya has been...

New Year’s Resolution – Try Vegan for #Veganuary says UNCHAINEDTV!

    UNCHAINEDTV urges its followers to sign up now for this fun, healthy, climate-friendly program! When you sign up for Veganuary you get a vegan start-up kit, scrumptious recipes that fit...


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