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“The courage to stand alone and have your own opinion in any circumstances, it is not learning, it is experienced” – Betty Tundik

Spring is beautiful and we thought that we should celebrate the renewal and rebirth. We can ask of what? Nature, and as we are part of it, we can see that our body adapts to every season(where we have 4 seasons for example is harder). So, we start to renew and replace the “hard” things from winter. In winter people eat more fat, more things that make them store in our system the nutrients that we get in Summer and Autumn. In Spring we feel more like it is hard to adapt to the new season, the rainy weather, and the warm and cold ups and downs. Our body starts to replace the cells and the whole cellular system and needs more nutrients freshness to do its job. Our body is really like a miracle, it is intelligent and if you are listening enough you will discover that you can make things on your own in this renewal junction.

So, in this matter, the importance of diet comes into. Even if it is Spring, and renewal and our body need more nutrients and energy it doesn’t mean we need more food. Dieting, actually became a cultural phenomenon in the 1900s. There were fat people in that period, too, and if you heard about Horace Fletcher, a well-known businessman, he started dieting and lost weight, becoming slim with his Chewing Diet.

Spring Salad made by Betty

Nowadays, diets are really important, trendy and together with exercise can become healthy and it can help people in so many ways. The only problem is, that we do not make it from that lifestyle. Veganism is not a diet, it is more than that as we know, but includes dieting and it is the first step to what can we do to help our animals and the World. It can be helpful to our bodies too, some can lose weight, some not., but as my experience shows it is not about what is your diet, vegan or not-vegan, it is more, about what you eat, how you eat, what is your lifestyle. Let’s be fair, the ethical part is the most important thing in veganism. We cook and we help others to do this transition easier, not because we want them, slim or healthy, but because we would like a better World and to not raise and kill anymore our animals.

“If, however, someone should think it is unjust to destroy brutes, such a one should neither use milk, nor wool, nor sheep, nor honey. For as you injure a man by taking from him his garments, thus also, you injure a sheep by shearing it. . . . milk, likewise was not produced for you, but for the young of the animal that has it. The bee also collects honey as food for itself; which you, by taking away, administer to your pleasure.” (Porphyry, a 3rd century AD Neo-Platonist philosopher, in, On Abstinence from Beings with a Soul)

We can make billions of debates on this issue, the thing is we are killing animals and giving money to this because we care more about ourselves, but the thing is we do not see that animals are ourselves, too, and if they are a product, we are also products. As human beings like the Great Vegan, Gary Yourofsky said, we have no right to do this, no right to do it in the name of “freedom”, “religion”, or anything else.

Falafel/Lentils/Mashed Potatoes/Seasoning Sauce with Side Spring Salad
Let’s go to the funny and nice part of this, that vegan food is tasty, the problem with people is the culture and how they were thought by parents, society. Everything is a habit. So, why we don’t simply make a nice habit.
Culture, religion, and mindset habits are obstacles, but we do not help anybody with those.
I just made a nice and tasty Spring Salad together with Oven lentils, Mashed Potatoes & Falafel with Seasoning Sauce.
Easy, tasty and it is even healthy if you are worried about the nutrients.
 – Salad: Fresh Green Leaf Lettuce, Avocados, Red Radish, Fresh Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Scallions, Vegan Cashew Yogurt.
 – Falafel: Boiled chickpeas/soaked chickpeas, dashed onions, little olive oil, potatoes, dried fennel, salt, granulated garlic, water, tahini paste, chickpea or rice flour, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, turmeric – put in the oven
 – Cooked brown lentils
 – Cooked white potatoes – mashed with vegan
cream or/and soy “milk” and Himalayan salt
 – Seasoning Sauce  – Tomatoes Purée, Vegan Sour Cream, and mixed Italian herbs
I hope this is a good start to being vegan this Spring. If you consider the food is not as healthy as expected, I assure you it is at least tasty 🙂
Bon Appetit!
Stop filtering your nutrients through somebody else’s body. – Gary Yourofsky

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