INGKA CENTRES Announces San Francisco as the Location for its Innovative Plant-Based Food Hall, ‘SALUHALL,’ in Partnership with KERB and Claus Meyer

Ingka Centres has announced its ambitious, plant-forward Saluhall project in collaboration with KERB, the renowned London food hall operator and small business incubator, and Claus Meyer, co-founder of the hugely influential New Nordic cuisine movement and entrepreneur behind multiple global community-focused cookery schools. 

The first Saluhall will launch at Ingka Centres’ upcoming meeting place on 945 Market Street, San Francisco, in the first quarter of 2024. The site will host multiple local vendors across two floors of 2.500 sq m (23.000 sq ft) with a spread of in-house food offers and three bars featuring local craft beer and wine. Saluhall will aim for an 80% plant-based offer coming from an exciting selection of local food and drink producers & traders soon to be announced.

“We at Ingka Centres want to create a destination for many people to meet, relax, play and try new things. Saluhall is a celebration of Scandinavian food principles that nourish both body and soul. Embracing the ethos of a progressive city, Saluhall is more than a food hall. It is a community, a meeting and eating place that unites local vendors and inspires conscious food choices,” explains Stéphane Keulian, F&B Concept Development Leader at Ingka Centres.

Ingka Centres has enlisted London food and hospitality organization KERB to bring Saluhall’s vision to life, leaning on its expert knowledge of independent food and drink. KERB has worked with upwards of 500 start-up food businesses over the past eleven years and as operator of Seven Dials Market, a celebrated, successful food hall in London, champions owner-operated food businesses and local, independent drinks suppliers. Claus Meyer, known as one of the founders of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, partnered up with Ingka Centres to create Saluhall´s very own bakery, an all-day Scandinavian-themed bakery-based café and bar. As a part of the Saluhall concept, Claus Meyer will also develop a cookery school that will reflect the Copenhagen entrepreneur’s drive for positive community engagement and change.

Saluhall’s inception is rooted in a dedication to spotlighting local food, drink and people with its ambitious commitment to plant-forward as a way of life, aiming to transform the traditional food hall experience. This partnership exemplifies the collaborative, internationalist spirit of San Francisco, where local businesses can come together to create something exceptional.

“We’re pleased to see this ambitious project come to life. As a firm believer in the value of local, owner-operated food and drink as a vital part of the urban fabric of all cities, we’re intent on showcasing and supporting great vendors and chefs from across the San Francisco Bay Area. Saluhall has bold ambitions but it must also bring hope, be fun, unpretentious and ultimately taste great. To launch it in a brilliant, delicious and progressive food city like this, in the heart of downtown, is an exciting challenge for all involved,” says Ian Dodds, Co-Founder / Director of KERB and Seven Dials Market.

Ingka Centres’ visionary approach, combined with KERB’s expertise in curating dynamic, democratic food halls, and Claus Meyer’s sense of baking and plant-forward cooking and community, will culminate in a destination that celebrates both the developments in Nordic food alongside the wider Bay Area’s excellent food culture.

“As a big fan of good food movement leaders, from Chad Robertson to Alice Waters and so many Chefs that grew their work in this region, it’s an honor to be invited to bring delicious ideas and vibes from Copenhagen to the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 10 years, we have tried to share what we learned from building the Nordic Cuisine movement with communities in East New York, Bolivia and Morocco. We hope with our participation in the Saluhall project to further enrich the Mid-Market Street food scene,” says Claus Meyer, culinary entrepreneur.

The upcoming opening of Saluhall in collaboration with Claus Meyer and KERB represents an exciting next step for Ingka Centres´ meeting place soon to be opened at 945 Market Street. Together with the recent launch of IKEA’s first city format store and the announcement of Hej! Workshop with Industrious co-working space, these unique offers create a positive, collaborative and playful spirit of community for the many people of San Francisco.

About Ingka Centres

Ingka Centres is part of the Ingka Group (which also includes IKEA Retail and Ingka Investments). Ingka Centres has around 50 years of experience in shopping centers and today works with over 3,000 brands across its portfolio of 47 shopping centers in 14 markets. The company hosts and serves more than 370 million visitors each year at its IKEA-anchored meeting places. Ingka Centres creates its meeting places by collaborating with local communities, as well as its tenants and partners, to ensure they are destinations with emotional meaning that add value and build social connections.

Find out more on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About KERB

KERB is a hospitality organisation founded in 2012 and is focused on delivering impact, opportunity and joy through food. They operate food halls, run street markets, organise an exciting range of catering and events, and run a social enterprise focused on business incubation, mentorship and strengthening pathways into the hospitality industry.

KERB believes all its projects should look and taste like its surrounding community, and they exclusively work with owner-operated food and drinks businesses. They launched their first food hall Seven Dials Market in 2019 which now feeds upwards of 30,000 hungry visitors each week.

Future projects include a collaboration with Ingka Centres, on a plant-forward food hall Saluhall, and the launch of KERB Berlin, due to appear in the summer of 2024.


For press and media enquiries, please contact [email protected].

About Claus Meyer & ko

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Claus Meyer is a world-renowned restaurateur, culinary entrepreneur, cookbook author and social activist. Meyer is acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, co-founder of restaurant noma, and founder of the MEYERS Group, which cooks and serves 35.000 meals a day, runs both artisan bakeries and a bustling multi-kitchen cooking school in Copenhagen, and, generally speaking, operates at most levels in the value chain, from farm to table.

Meyer is the founder of the Melting Pot Foundation, a non-profit organization that has launched innovative culinary community programs in Brownsville, New York City; Morocco; and South America.

Claus Meyer & ko is the heart of Meyer’s professional activities: venture firm, holding company and home of the consulting arm that created selected concepts opening for Saluhall.

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