VIIA Unveils New Gummy Lineup Featuring Enhanced Strengths and Effects for Every Cannabis User

Discover the Future of Cannabis Edibles with VIIA’s New Gummies!

VIIA, a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, proudly unveils an innovative lineup of federally legal cannabis gummies. Infused with botanical supplements and functional mushrooms, these gummies are available in various THC potency levels, making VIIA the first-ever cannabis company to offer effect-based gummies with strength-based options.

This thrilling launch follows just two days after VIIA’s rebrand and website relaunch, highlighting the brand’s dedication to delivering a personalized, curated experience for the contemporary cannabis consumer. Over the past year, VIIA has meticulously refined its award-winning gummies to offer products with diverse strengths and effects, ensuring both new and returning customers can effortlessly find what they need. The new lineup features four effect-based gummy lines (sleep, focus, relief, love) in four strengths (zero, low, medium, and high-THC).

“Our effect and strength-based system simplifies the cannabis experience,” says VIIA founder Max Mckendry. “Whether a new user needs pain relief with THC-free or low-strength options, or an experienced user seeks a high-strength THC sleep aid, we provide tailored solutions to guide each customer’s journey.”

Gummy Lines and Their Enhancements:

  • Sleep Gummies: Enhanced with L-Theanine and Passion Flower for ultimate relaxation.
  • Focus Gummies: Infused with B12 and Alpha-GPC to boost clarity and cognitive function.
  • Relief Gummies: Packed with 5-HTP and L-Theanine for well-being and recovery support.
  • THC-Free Gummies: Featuring functional mushrooms like lion’s mane and reishi for added benefits.

The revamped gummy formulas, enriched with terpenes, cannabinoids, and botanical supplements, stand as the most potent edibles on the market while remaining federally legal. These vegan-friendly gummies come in refreshing citrus and berry flavors, sweetened naturally with organic tapioca syrup and citrus pectin.

“Unlike other brands that push generic, ineffective products, VIIA takes an innovative approach, utilizing the entire hemp plant to make high-potency products accessible to everyone,” Mckendry emphasizes. “A VIIA gummy offers 5x more value than leading industry brands.”

To celebrate the new gummy lineup and website relaunch, customers can enjoy 15% off their next order with the discount code Herb15. Stay updated on promotions and news by following @viiahemp on Instagram or visiting

About VIIA

Founded by Max Mckendry in 2018, VIIA emerged from a personal journey to find a natural remedy for chronic pain. This quest led to the discovery of hemp’s benefits, forming the foundation of the company. Now an industry pioneer, VIIA crafts high-quality, effective, and accessible products designed to enhance daily life. Blending powerful cannabinoids with all-natural active ingredients, VIIA delivers the purest and most potent products on the market.

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