Quebec Parents Proactively Enhancing Children’s Sleep in New Back-to-School Survey


🌙 Unveiling the Power of Sleep: Dormez-vous Unearths Deep Dedication of Canadian Parents to Child’s Sleep Health 🌟

Shattering conventional notions, Dormez-vous, Quebec’s premier specialty sleep retailer, has unveiled riveting insights from a groundbreaking survey, illuminating a profound nexus between sleep, mental vitality, and academic triumph in youngsters. While sleep’s significance is universally acknowledged, its impact on children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being is emerging as a game-changer.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), an authoritative voice in community mental health, attests that insufficient sleep can trigger irritability, dampened moods, and lethargy – all formidable adversaries of scholastic achievement in children.

“Research underscores that ample sleep fortifies adolescent mental health, and fuels academic excellence,” affirmed Margaret Eaton, National CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association. “Restorative sleep in children propels brain development, cognitive functions, working memory, and emotional equilibrium.”

Fortunately, Quebec parents are scripting a resounding success story by actively fostering immaculate sleep hygiene for their offspring.

🛌🏼 Quebec Parents Pave the Path to Sleep Nirvana The Dormez-vous survey, expertly conducted by Leger, serves as an awe-inspiring revelation. An impressive 82% of Quebec parents ardently believe their little ones enjoy a veritable slumber. This sentiment outshines the national average of 77%.

The credit is attributed to two pivotal parental practices – establishing a structured bedtime routine and cocooning their children in a cozy sleep haven. Bedtime rituals emerge as a bedrock, with 77% of parents affirming their children’s adherence to a prescribed routine. This feat is bolstered by the fact that nearly nine out of ten Quebec youngsters luxuriate in their private sleeping haven, with parental insight underscoring that a comfortable space ranks high among the reasons behind their child’s tranquil slumber. Moreover, parents sow the seeds of nocturnal excellence by ensuring a dim, cool, and serene sleeping environment (49%), nurturing the habit of sleeping in their own bed (44%) and cementing a soothing, consistent bedtime routine (43%).

“Sleep isn’t just vital; it’s the quintessence of both mental and physical prowess,” declared Stewart Schaefer, President and CEO of Dormez-vous. “We stand in awe of Quebec parents, architects of a sleep-friendly ecosystem, a fitting prologue to the upcoming academic season.”

Survey results illuminate a sizable group of parents sculpting the stage for improved academic prowess and holistic well-being by harnessing the power of sleep. The advantages of a restful night encompass boundless energy throughout the day (80%), heightened focus and concentration at school (71%), mornings kickstarted with a buoyant mood (68%), reduced stress and anxiety (60%), and commendable scholastic performance (59%).

For respondents who deemed their children’s sleep inadequate, late-night awakenings (51%), erratic bedtimes (39%), and undue gadget engagement (32%) surfaced as the chief culprits.

With the educational voyage beckoning, parents must be vigilant architects of slumber, shaping a robust foundation for their children’s success this academic year.

🌟 Dormez-vous’ Commitment to Tomorrow’s Titans Cognizant of sleep’s pivotal role in nurturing young minds, Dormez-vous has crafted a magnanimous gesture, earmarking a $100,000 donation for CMHA’s Campus Peer Support Program. This benevolent step reiterates Dormez-vous’ dedication to ushering Quebecers into the realm of sound sleep’s potential. This donation serves as a lifeline to youth across post-secondary campuses in the province. Peer support, a vital catalyst for personal growth and mental health enhancement, receives a resounding boost through this endeavor.

Gear Up for School Triumphs Parental advocacy for sleep’s importance paves the way for enhanced mental health, academic glory, and a promising future. Facilitating this odyssey, Dormez-vous presents a dedicated Back to School Shop, offering essential sleep accouterments to empower children with the vitality they need to soar.

About Dormez-vous

Dormez-vous reigns supreme as Quebec’s paramount specialty sleep retailer. As of August 15, 2023, Dormez-vous boasts 62 corporate-owned outlets and 3 distribution centers across Quebec. Driven by a purposeful mission, Dormez-vous awakens Quebecers to sleep’s transformative potential, cultivating a corporate culture of inclusivity and diversity that embraces and celebrates differences. The company’s robust investments span the sleep ecosystem, innovative products, unparalleled customer experiences, communities, and its invaluable workforce. For an in-depth dive into Dormez-vous, visit: Back To School. 

About Canadian Mental Health Association Established in 1918, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) claims distinction as Canada’s premier community mental health institution. With a presence in over 330 communities across every province and territory, CMHA champions advocacy and resources fostering mental health, resilience, and recovery, nurturing a thriving environment for all Canadians.

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About the Dormez-vous Survey

The groundbreaking survey, orchestrated by Leger in both English and French, tapped into insights from a diverse pool of 2,002 Canadian parents (490 of whom hailed from Quebec), encompassing children aged 5 to 18 years. The survey spanned the virtual realm from July 20 to July 27, 2023, resonating with a robust 95% confidence level.



SOURCE: Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. Investor Relations


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