TiNDLE Foods Unveils Fresh TiNDLE Chicken Pieces: Singapore’s Debut Innovation in Development, Production, and Export

TiNDLE Foods Introduces TiNDLE Chicken Pieces: A Breakthrough Innovation Crafted, Manufactured, and Exported from Singapore

TiNDLE Foods, previously known as Next Gen Foods, is proud to unveil its latest creation, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces. This marks a significant milestone as the product emerges as Singapore’s maiden plant-based meat export, and the first offering entirely conceived and produced within the country. The innovative TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are now gracing the menus of esteemed fast-casual dining establishments, namely SaladStop! in Singapore and SLA in The Netherlands. This expansion of culinary horizons has been realized through TiNDLE Foods’ dedicated Global Innovation Centre situated in Singapore.

Crafted for Ultimate Culinary Creativity and Versatility, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces Elevate Dishes with Ease

Designed to seamlessly incorporate any sauce or marinade, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces offer a culinary canvas that adapts perfectly to salads, wraps, stir-fries, and more, while maintaining their robust flavor and satisfying chew. With just five GMO-free ingredients—water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavorings, and salt—each serving delivers 19g of protein, 6g of fiber, and no cholesterol.

In March 2021, TiNDLE Foods introduced their pioneering product, a malleable plant-based chicken, in collaboration with several Singaporean restaurants, including popular spots like Love Handle and Three Buns. Today, the brand has expanded to thousands of global locations, catering to both restaurants and grocery stores, with a total of seven foodservice and six retail products. The latest addition, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, empowers chefs and operators to recreate beloved recipes using convenient chicken alternatives without resorting to animal-based ingredients.

Championing Singapore’s Innovation Hub TiNDLE Chicken Pieces represent a culmination of extensive research, development, and experimentation carried out at the company’s global R&D and innovation headquarters, led by Chief Technology Officer John Seegers and his accomplished team of food scientists. These novel pieces mark the first product conceived entirely at TiNDLE’s Global Innovation Centre in Singapore, and are proudly manufactured within Singapore at a state-of-the-art facility.

This step forward underscores Singapore’s pivotal role as a hub of global food tech innovation, contributing solutions to pressing global challenges such as climate change and food security. As part of the “30 by 30” initiative, Singapore aims to produce 30% of its own food by 2030. Simultaneously, TiNDLE Foods is expanding its reach across major meat-consuming markets like Western Europe and the United States, while bolstering its presence in its home country.

“Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of TiNDLE Foods, emphasizes, “Both Singapore and The Netherlands have embraced the future of food by creating ecosystems that support companies on a mission to create a more sustainable food system.” He adds, “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, which are an entirely original product that has been fully designed and produced in Singapore, and now a plant-based meat export that we hope will entice foodies and consumers globally.”

The Netherlands, with its rich concentration of food tech and innovation, particularly in the plant-based sector, has also been a significant market for TiNDLE Foods since 2021. It holds the highest per capita consumption of plant-based foods in Europe.

Personalize Your Culinary Creations with TiNDLE Chicken Pieces In celebration of Singapore’s National Day, SaladStop! has introduced TiNDLE Chicken Pieces as the main chicken protein in their “Homegrown” Bowl—a special offering that highlights ingredients and products exclusively grown and manufactured in Singapore. SLA, a plant-focused salad bar with locations throughout The Netherlands, has incorporated TiNDLE Chicken Pieces into their seasonal menu, proving the versatility and appeal of this innovative plant-based protein.

Operators seeking samples or more information about TiNDLE Chicken Pieces can reach out to [email protected]. For details on the full range of TiNDLE Foods’ products, visit www.tindle.com or connect on Instagram or LinkedIn.

About TiNDLE Foods Founded in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a dynamic food tech startup dedicated to developing and commercializing sustainable, innovative, and delectable plant-based food brands. The team boasts extensive experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and distribution expansion. For further information, visit www.tindle.com.

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