Poop Good, Look Good®: Bend Beauty Launches GUT GLOW A Prebiotic Supplement To Support Gut Health in Canada and the US


Bend Beauty Inc, a B-Corp Certified premium beauty and wellness supplement company, is launching GUT GLOW, a vegan, a gastrointestinal prebiotic supplement that delivers clinically proven fibers and tremella mushroom extract to support gut health and immune regulation. GUT GLOW is now available at spas, medical spas, and premium health food stores across Canada and the US and BendBeauty.com. The 240 g powder comes in a recyclable, carbon-negative bio-pouch and retails for $59.

“Getting enough fiber in our diet and regulating our immune system to keep inflammation and oxidative stress low is always a challenge,” says Dr. Tara Campbell of Higher Health Naturopathic Centre. “Similar to the skin barrier, our gut helps defend against foreign pathogens getting into the bloodstream that can cause bloating, constipation, and skin breakouts while also compromising our immune response.”

GUT GLOW is a flavorless and tasteless powder that easily dissolves in hot and cold liquids. It uses three active ingredients including prebiotic soluble fibers, Sunfiber® (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) and inavea™ (acacia gum), as well as tremella (also known as, silver ear) mushroom extract. Tremella mushroom provides polysaccharides that help support the regulation of the immune system, of which 70-80% of all immune cells reside in the gut. This combination delivers a source of prebiotic soluble fiber needed to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, improves bowel movements, and reduces constipation, flatulence, and mild discomfort in people with IBS. Add 2 to 3 scoops daily to your smoothie or coffee, or beverage of choice.

“Good gut health is a key factor in feeling beautiful from the inside out,” says Marc St OngeCEO + Founder of Bend Beauty. “Gut health is often overlooked as a contributor to healthy-looking skin which is why GUT GLOW is an important addition to our line of evidence-based beauty supplements which includes our foundational products Renew + ProtectMarine Collagen + Co-Factors and RESET.”

About Bend Beauty: A B-Corp Certified premium skin health and wellness supplement company backed by years of pioneering research. We are “bending” beauty and redefining what it is to look and feel beautiful. Our range of evidence-based supplements includes award-winning Renew +Protect, which supports skin rejuvenation and protects against age-accelerating UV rays.



SOURCE: Bend Beauty

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