Alchemy of On-Site Meetings and Conferences with Fully Vegan Menus


After the so-called “pandemic”, people are reshaping their businesses all over the world. With the new technologies, trends, and even the need for new lifestyles and well-being, the new consumer choices are modifying the Events of Futures to the next level.

This is not just the case in lifestyle and health industries, but also in niches like gambling and technology industries.

The first event(non-vegan related), that brought 100% vegan food to the delegates was in Prague, 2019, right before the lockdown, from the same event organizer.

On the 16th of September 2022, Budapest, European Gaming – a subsidiary of Hipther Agency hold their yearly Conference and Award in the gaming/gambling industry, called CEEGC and CEEGA. The yearly organized boutique event gathered industry leaders and speakers in the modern-classic stylish hotel’s Elizebeth Ballrom at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Budapest. At this time, the conference brings a whole plant-based meal.

After the event has started, at the first coffee break, people gathered at a nice royal-family breeze-like networking break with plant-based snacks and drinks to bring coziness not just to the conference itself, but to the nasty weather outside, a smooth surface.

Coffee Break (vegan)

 – Apple & cherry strudel

 – Peanut butter cupcake

 – Sliced seasonal fruit

 – Ratatouille sandwich

The Coffee could be served also only with plant-based milk.

After the “satisfied transformation” break, the event’s next vegan achievement was lunch-break, with healthy and all-vegan food.

Lunch buffet (vegan)

 – Raw salad bar

 – Baby spinach, Arugula, Colorful cherry tomato, English celery, Olives

 – Cucumber, Carrot, Tricolor bell pepper

 – Rice noodle salad, smoked tofu, sesame, coriander

 – Potato salad, granny smith apple, pickled red onion

 – Smoked quinoa salad, sweet corn, parsley

 – Eggplant puree


 – Arabic lentil soup

 – Cold gazpacho

Hot dishes: 

 – Deep-fried green pea risotto ball

 – Mediterranean root vegetable gratin

 – Pasta Puttanesca

 – Mushroom satay skewer, peanuts dip

 – Chickpea burger

 – Crispy fried zucchini, spiced tomato salsa


 – Raw pistachio “cheese”-cake

 – Vegan lemon and lime tart

 – Chocolate, avocado, and cherry cake

The lemon and lime tart was one of my favorites, it was unimaginably tasty, and melted in my mouth like a good massage.

What probably people realized after lunch, was that they didn’t feel so tired as after a big stake, or meat and dairy – which can immediately break down the whole body. Moreover, the quality of plant-based food conserves energy for more hours, without cholesterol subsidence.

The afternoon coffee break was also not just plant-based, but it was healthy and brainy food.

Afternoon Coffee Break (vegan)

– Berry bear smoothie

– Strawberry, raspberry, vegan power powder, agave syrup

– D-tox vegetable juice

– Cucumber, apple, English celery, spinach, ginger

– Phyllo paste cigar, poppy seed, vanilla cream

 – Hummus tortilla wrap

 – Bruschetta

The whole event was amazing, but the recognition of Future Food and meals at non-veganism-related conferences would be the next step toward a big change in this matter.

Food is something, which we will need to have in different shapes, and tastes, even if the world will change or will be digitalized. The lifestyle that humanity has today is the shaper and windmill which brings not just another breeze, but a whole new concept of eating, and what real food means. Food is also art, but what are the best ingredients to use as a designer and consumer? Do we still need our classical model of consuming and cooking, or do we need something new, like innovation, lower costs, low CO2, and low environmental impact, not to mention the use of sentient beings to comfort ourselves?!

Can we opt for vegan meals even at big corporates, workplaces, meetups, and conferences? Yes, we can. It’s a win-win.

We, the people, the business owners, employees, consumers, all of us – we are the alchemists, we are the ones, who can make a better future, for us, for the environment, for animals, and for the Future of the planet Earth.

I want to grow my online platform to create awareness about ethical consumerism, environmentalism, and the plant-based lifestyle. My main mission is to share information that empowers people to make better choices and create a VEG NEW WORLD :)

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