Political Chaos and Spiritual Awakening Symptoms (Some Unwanted)


We should see our life as a “Problem” or find the “Solutions” ?!

I get an interior message, you can say “feeling”, which came to me from within as a source of inspiration about some of the “problems” I was experiencing with the transition that Mother Earth and Humanity were experiencing.
I would like to write about something, which is added to the previous year’s let’s say “problems”, and I do not refer to the past two years’ pandemic, but the years before this. The metaphysicians are talking about this for a long period and about some symptomatic problems of the transition. The main problem from the previous years was the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra.
A big issue is also around the neck chakra, and some may have problems with the organs connected to this chakra.
But let’s see what it could be.
Globally, political, economic, social, and environmental events that take place, will change the way we think, feel, and perceive our world, and the intercalations between them are sometimes chaotic. Change is in the air for a long period, not only at an individual level but also collectively, because individual change is the MIRROR of the collective.
A mass spiritual awakening is going on, an evolution of consciousness, like thousands of years, ago, more than 26,000, and this planetary calendar cycle is coming to an end very very soon. Now, We are capable to CREATE with inner intent.
Thus, the expansion of human consciousness takes place in unprecedented ways, and this is a fact.
At the collective level, a paradigm shift is underway, that is what we are experiencing for decades. Now, we are more disconnecting from a paradigm based on fear, rooted in separation, control, loss of power, and lack of values ​​and this will be replaced by one of love, integrity, and connection with All Life. Yes, we must believe that this will be the change, and not another way, however all we experience today is like the opposite.
At the individual level, the inner change that is taking place is extraordinary and this is the essence of every major shift.
It is the greatest energy we’ve ever experienced in the reality of 3D-4D and this change brings with it the abandonment of something that is not true and the alignment with our true form, the authentic, fearless, creative, and unconditionally loving SELF, the one who knows no limits. or separation from CREATION itself.
Spiritual awakening is accompanied by a great inner change. Sometimes we feel lost in the mind. We are full of old baggage in the form of beliefs, concepts, attitudes, and emotions from the past that no longer serve us.
Although this process is challenging, it is important to remember that all previous major changes have had and have been preceded by a period of turmoil and chaos, because the old had to and must break down.
Only in this way the path and the “space” for us will be completely open.
Below is a list of signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening that you may have at this time, this period, and the previous years, as well as aids to ease the process.

Physical Manifestations may occur, which are perceived as “diseases.” (just look around, deeper than ever). We focus on those outdated patterns and emotions that no longer serve us. These symptoms are signs that need to be put together and lived in the NOW.
Eating habits can change. As everything becomes clearer and we heal from the old energies, the energy field lights up and into higher vibrations.
As a result, the foods we prefer to eat will change because of this energetic “makeup” of the body, the body itself is modified. Eating preferences may become “lighter” and you may feel more in tune with your body. Extreme appetites may also occur.
The energy centers (chakras) open. You can feel various sensations at the locations of the chakras: heat at the top of the head, pressure, and tightness in the center of the chest and at the solar plexus, pressure in the neck area, knots, flu-like symptoms, pains, odd sensations, etc.
The organs and systems associated with the chakras are affected, causing temporary imbalances and discomfort. Some of them may cause even fear, because we’ve never experienced them, before.
What can we do, to ease those?
We need to drink as much pure water as possible, and as much water as possible, but swallowed not all at once but in small batches throughout the day, spending more time in communion with nature, using fresh, raw foods to increase the circulation of life force throughout the body.
It is important to stay “down to earth”. It is also important to grounding, but “not to leave the body through mental distraction”. You can do exercises like Qi Gong, walking, pilates, and Yoga, as well as deep breathing and meditation. Every grounding sports are beneficial. Important is to move your body enough. All of these are very important for grounding and staying on the ground.

What is an emotion?
An emotion is moving energy. All the (repressed) raw emotions are stored in the cellular memory of the body.

At this moment, all the energies at this time, all the lower energies are still held in our cells and energy body, they are a little agitated for processing and release. Negative emotions such as anger, guilt, pain, fear, shame, and trauma are amplified and we perceive them to be healed.
Emotionally, we may also experience increased sensitivity and irritability, extreme mood swings, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and self-destruction.

What can we do?
Self-judgment can help us in a positive way, and let go of negative self-judgments like “something is wrong with me,” or “I am sick”,  that is, not forgetting and even making some positive, concrete statements, and remembering that we are exactly where we need to be.

Even spiritual beliefs indoctrinated in the past are all rooted in the old “I”, which are rooted in fear and limitation. The High Self and recalibration resonate with our inner truth. One can feel that nothing is certain anymore, including our identity. This happens when the old patterns of thinking that no longer serve us are disassembled in the mind and re-calibrated in Feelings of being blocked and disconnected may also occur, all to warn the mind that all of this needs to be sought, evaluated (at its origin), and replaced.

What can we do to help?
An old practice is to observe emotions as they come. Negative emotions/negative emotional reactions = negative faith. When we discover a belief, a negative belief, we sustain our power to choose, and the choice of faith takes place at that time.

Relationships of all kinds, including friendships, parenting, partnerships, are all affected. As we begin to heal and change internally, energy vibrations begin to increase. Thus relationships based on control, abuse, power, struggles, and inequality will come to an end, as we will no longer be able to tolerate the energy of these relationships, instead, the helpful relationships will take the place of inner change.
You will be attracted to people of the same “tastes” and those who are on similar vibrations, which you went with, with which you coupled a discomfort in the social settings and the desire to develop new preferences for society and social gatherings.

How can we help with this matter?
Let’s honor these desires and feelings for different relationships and trust that we attract everything we need when we are ready for this. Allow yourself periods of solitude and recovery.

With the opening of large energy centers and the release of old energies, we may experience the development of intuitive abilities, increased sensitivity, empathy, telepathy, and other extrasensory abilities. You may begin to wonder, “Who am I?” “What is my biggest goal?”, “What is my relationship with my whole life?” and so on.

Spiritual awakening requires a deeper connection with the HEART. As a result, we may wake up more and more open and vulnerable, with an influx of feelings of love and respect for the Whole Life. You may be drawn to certain practices such as meditation or spending more time in nature with children or animals.

How can we help this process?
We can set at a certain time, daily and regularly a time when we connect to Our Higher Self and with Our Heart. We can listen to our orientations, enter the Center of our Heart, try to know it, and stay that way, connect to Our Interior.
That being said, those who have not yet experienced these things should not be disappointed because it means that their time has not yet “come.” willing to live them in the coming period, and the others later…
We are all where we need to be, not to be scared of these transformations, nothing happens, we just have to live in OUR NOW!

Have a Beneficial Day!

P.S. Please, stay tuned to read my next articles about how our World is changing together with Everything we are connected

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