Seasons and Changes: The life-styling to stay healthy


September is coming, and we should prepare to new lifestyle changes.
Why? Every single season is changing our bodies in a certain way. Of course we are all different, but still, there are some commune tips to get ready for those changes.

Music to put you in a better mood

Our body is changing on every single day, and on every second. Our body, mind reacting to our environment, which includes not only the outer world, but also our mental perception. We are bombarded daily with new information, so this produce a huge impact to our mental health and our general vision. The seasons, weather, food, water, sunshine, the way we move or sit are also changing our bodies. What we should do to not harm ourselves, but more, to understand our reactions, included our immune system, mental environment and to get ready for winter season, we can do some lifestyle changing techniques.
In generally speaking, Autumn is a season when our body and mind should relax, and it is time to rest, just like nature. Slowly, the trees will loose their leaves, and our body will loose “things”, too, to prepare for the season of rest. Of course this is nice in theory, but you might say, we all have jobs and other duties, which are “mandatory” in our daily lives. That’s so true, but if we really want to have a happy and healthy life in any environment, we should give some time to ourselves and make things happen, just like Charlie Chaplin said: “Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it. All it needs is courage, imagination … and a little dough.”
So, in this time of seasonal changing, we need at least weekend whole body and mind rest, to prepare ourselves to Winter and cold season. This is the way, when our body reactions to seasons, environment and everything will be less harmful and we won’t get sick or too tired in the next season.
Our bodies are very sophisticated and has a certain way of eliminating toxins. That involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs, also cellular levels. Still, only when these organs are healthy, can they effectively eliminate unwanted substances. Still, only when our mind and perception is healthy the toxic information or overwhelming information can be eliminated in a substantial amount and won’t hurt us. Just like nature, our mind needs to settle down, too.
Our brain tends to do strenuous work on daily basis. This is why we need to rest, but also to balance our body-mind connection. When we help our brain with nutritious food, food for the grey-matter, let’s say; food for mental health, nutrition for our whole body system, food for our thoughts, we will see a serious positive change. The right energy is the key for everything. So, as energetically sometimes we feel drained, the exact thing is happening with the physical body, all organs and cells. We are a whole complicated system, but as much as we complicate the things what makes us happy and healthy, the more we are going too far in this, which is not what we’d like. Simplicity and not overreacting in any way would be a natural and flourishing stand, in my opinion.

So, the tips for this season would be, to eat well, high energy food, do not fear, breathe, exercise, relax and energize yourself at the same time, to get in balance, first. Do those things on daily basis, but do not push too hard. Feed your mind and soul with things which makes you happy, or at least peaceful. To make those things happen, please read my next articles on this issue, starting with September, the first month of Fall.
For the start of a good mood experience we can start to listen this music and feel the difference.

Listen to:
Music to put you in a better mood

“Health is our nature, nature is balance, life is the art of living, living is a perception, perception is the way of living, do not let be other way” – Betty

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