Unveiling Earth Bound Pre-Mixed Meals: The Evolution of Plant-Based Dining


Earth Bound is the newest player in the plant-based food industry. Ready to show Australians vegan meals not only excel in taste, effortlessly matching their traditional counterparts but also offer you an abundance of nutritional benefits.

Earth Bound Sampler Pack
Photo Source: earthbound.com.au

Setting itself apart from the competition, Earth Bound offers an innovative product in the Australian market. Launching with a range of seven vegan pre-mixed meals with one simple instruction — just add water and oil* to the mix and once ready, can be used in any dish as an alternative to meat.

Plant Based – Chicken Nuggets Mix (150g)
Vegan Chicken Nuggets that taste like chicken! Get the same bite-sized chicken nugget fill without the chicken.
Photo Source: /earthbound.com.au
Plant-Based – Scrambled Egg Mix (250g) When combined with water, Earth Bounds Vegan Egg Mix can be used for cooking or baking, just like real eggs. Photo Source: https://earthbound.com.au/product/earth-bound-sampler-pack/
Plant Based – Italian Meatball Mix (150g) Keen for saucy meatballs with no meat but still packed with protein? Source: https://earthbound.com.au/product/earth-bound-sampler-pack/
Plant Based – San Choy Bao (150g) No need to always prepare your tofu substitute anymore, try our Earth Bound meat-free san choy bao mix Source: https://earthbound.com.au/product/earth-bound-sampler-pack/

Prioritising taste, nutrition, and convenience, these meals cover every meal of the day, from Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast to Burger Patties for Lunch, Italian Meatballs for dinner, and more.

Plant Based – Bolognaise Mix (150g)
Source: https://earthbound.com.au/
Plant Based – Grilled Burger Patty Mix (150g)
Source: earthbound.com.au

From the kitchen to your plate, Earth Bound has invested immense research and development into its diverse array of plant-based products. Not only does it boast an authentic flavor, but it also ensures no compromises on time, budget, or healthy eating habits.

“Throughout our journey, we dedicated ourselves to achieving the perfect balance of taste while replicating textures and essences,” explained Jignesh Shah, Managing Director at Oppenheimer Group. “Using real Australian plant-based ingredients, we ensured our products align with our vision for nutrition and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.”

Earth Bound’s commitment to clean eating has been restless — free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, with a 12-month shelf life for each item. Designed to deliver exceptional results in nutrition, energy, and detoxification. Earth Bound empowers Australians to feel their best, look their best, and perform at their best.

“Recognising the limitations of plant-based supermarket options, particularly the lack of sustained energy-focused choices, we set out to change that with Earth Bound.” Says Jignesh Shah. “Our mission is to fill this void by offering a diverse range of vegan options that not only cater to different tastes but also prioritise providing nourishment for a healthy lifestyle.”

Earth Bound invites you to join the plant-based revolution. Their range of products is available for purchase directly from their website, Woolworths Online, and TK Maxx stores across Australia,  with new products on the way.

About Earth Bound

Earth Bound is Australian Owned and offers a range of Vegan Pre-Mixed meals.

“We are on a mission to turn Australia into a raw food country! To do that, we are committed to delivering the highest quality health and vitality products crafted from fine ingredients sourced ethically and delivered straight to your door.”

Visit the website to learn more: https://earthbound.com.au/




SOURCE: Earth Bound

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