With launch of the plant-based version of the iconic snack cheese, Babybel, Bel Brands USA unveils details on expansion of the company’s plant-based offerings

Bel Brands USA announces the launch of a plant-based version of its iconic snack cheese, Babybel, which will be available for consumers in the US starting next month. (PRNewsfoto/Bel Brands USA)

 Bel Brands USA, maker of beloved cheeses, Babybel, The Laughing Cow, Boursin and more, confirmed details today on plans for continued growth in the plant-based cheese category. Babybel Plant-Based will hit shelves nationwide next month as the newest innovation available in Bel’s exciting lineup of dairy-free offerings, joining Boursin Dairy-Free and Bel’s wholly-plant-based product line, Nurishh.

With more than half (53 percent) of Americans incorporating more plant-based products into their daily lives,1 the cheese category is facing a huge opportunity when it comes to plant-based offerings. To address growing consumer needs and demands, Bel is investing in plant-based cheeses that uphold the quality and flavor profiles consumers expect from Bel’s dairy-based products.

“At Bel Brands USA, we believe we can set the tone for the future of the cheese industry through a consumer- and customer-centric approach to innovation that focuses on products that meet evolving demands, even as those demands continue to shift,” said Shannon Maher, Chief Marketing Officer at Bel Brands USA. “To get plant-based cheese right, you need to know what makes cheese cheese. And that’s exactly what you’ve trusted us to do for over 150 years.”

Bel is pleased to announce details on the following innovations to its plant-based cheese portfolio:

  • Babybel Plant-Based: Mimics the same great taste fans have come to know and love from Babybel, now in a certified plant-based, non-GMO project verified, and certified vegan snack the whole family will love! Babybel Plant-Based joins the goodness of Babybel with a soft, smooth, and creamy texture, developed to taste like Mozzarella cheese. Babybel’s signature red wax coating is changing colors to an iconic green, so it’s easy for families and kids to identify.
  • Nurishh Portfolio Expansion: Guided by Bel’s French cheese-making expertise, Nurishh strikes the balance of genuine cheesy taste, functionality (meltability, spreadability), and comfort with plant-based goodness. Bel is expanding its current line-up of Nurishh plant-based offerings this spring with new flavors and formats available including:
    • Cream Cheese Style product line in Plain and Chive varieties
    • Cubes product line in flavors Cheddar Style and Hot Pepper Style
    • Parmesan Style Shreds
    • Hot Pepper Style Slices
    • Slices variety pack (2 Packs of Cheddar Style Slices and 1 Pack of Mozzarella Style Slices)
  • The Laughing Cow Plant-Based: Certified plant-based and vegan, The Laughing Cow Plant-Based will deliver a great taste and the creamy deliciousness consumers know and love. Bel is excited to introduce The Laughing Cow Plant-Based to consumers in 2023.

“It’s no secret in the dairy industry that cheese is one of the most technically challenging spaces for dairy alternatives because of its complexity. And the plant-based cheese category has largely struggled to deliver offerings that are delicious, accessible and meet consumers’ expectations of cheese – until now,” said Katie Halgerson, Babybel Development Platform Manager at Bel Brands USA. “We’re proud to give every cheese-lover an opportunity to enjoy the melty texture, creamy goodness, and rich mouthfeel of their favorite Bel cheeses, including expanding our line-up of product offerings to Babybel, bringing our delicious flavor and palm-sized playfulness to the plant-based world.”

Bel collaborated closely with consumers to develop each product and ensure that the classic Bel cheese tastes, textures and overall quality are just right. These latest innovations build upon Bel’s portfolio of plant-based products which includes Bel’s first wholly-plant-based product line, Nurishh, and Boursin Dairy-Free, a plant-based alternative of the popular entertaining cheese. Launched in October 2020, consumer feedback on Boursin Dairy-Free has been very positive thus far.

Bel is committed to providing flexible options for all diets, sustainable farming practices, and positive community impact – encapsulated in Bel’s belief of “For All, For Good” and the way it does business every day. Bel’s ongoing investments and innovations in plant-based goodness underscore this commitment and the company’s efforts to help consumers find options that fit their needs.

Babybel Plant-Based will be available starting next month at select retailers nationally, and the new Nurishh offerings will be available starting in spring 2022. Existing flavors of Nurishh Shreds & Slices can be found at Stop & Shop and Giant Foods. Boursin Dairy Free is currently available at Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Kroger, Albertson’s, Acme, Giant Food and more retailers nationwide. Boursin and Nurishh products are also available through foodservice distributors for professional usage.


SOURCE: Bel Brands USA

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