Introducing: “Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex” by Dr. Steven Gundry


Featuring a Strength Boosting Vegan Collagen Supporter Dietary Supplement

Gundry MD introduces its newest dietary supplement, Phyto Collagen Complex™. Created by medical researcher, restorative medicine doctor, and renowned heart surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry, this vegan supplement is formulated to support collagen production in the body, which is essential for maintaining strength and youthfulness. It’s important to note that Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex isn’t just another collagen supplement. Unlike most commercially available options sourced from animals, it stands out as one of the pioneering supplements derived from plants that are designed to facilitate the body’s natural collagen synthesis, offering a more beneficial approach.†*

What is Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex?
Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex is a delightful strawberry lemonade flavor with a special mix of ingredients to bolster the body’s collagen production, supporting stronger, more resilient skin, nails, and hair. With this supplement, you can move with greater freedom, comfort, and flexibility. What sets this product apart is its distinction as a collagen-supporting supplement rather than a typical collagen supplement. Unlike many collagen supplements derived from whole animal sources, which can be challenging for the body to break down and utilize effectively, Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex provides a comprehensive blend of plant-derived nutrients. This unique formulation includes Vollagen®, an innovative blend featuring all 18 amino acids in precisely the same ratios as those found in the body’s collagen. Additionally, it contains ascorbic acid, vital for fueling the collagen assembly process, along with vitamin C and a potent combination of phenolic compounds. Together, these ingredients can not only help enhance joint mobility and alleviate discomfort but also support a more youthful complexion with firmer, healthier-looking skin.†*

What are the Key Ingredients in Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex?

  • Vollagen®: Comprising of all 18 amino acids necessary for collagen synthesis, Vollagen facilitates easier absorption of collagen in the body. This ingredient helps promote a youthful, and energetic feeling, supporting overall well-being.†*
  • Collagen Supporting Polyphenol Blend: This blend features a selection of fruits sourced from around the globe, chosen for their high polyphenol content. These powerful antioxidants shield your body and its collagen from oxidative damage, ensuring optimal support.†*
  • Vitamin C: Serving as an essential cofactor in collagen production, vitamin C contributes to a more youthful appearance, helping you look and feel rejuvenated.†*

How to Use Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex
Preparing Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex is simple: just mix one scoop of the strawberry lemonade powder into water or your preferred beverage. Take this dietary supplement once daily, and you’re all set!

You can buy Gundry MD Phyto Collagen Complex on the Gundry MD website for $69.95 per 30-day supply, with a 90-day purchase price guarantee included.

About Gundry MD
Founded in 2015, Gundry MD is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to its users by using science-backed ingredients that can offer a boost in metabolism, sustained energy, smooth, easy digestion, and a youthful-feeling mind and body. These amazing results all begin with feeding your body powerful health-boosting nutrients like polyphenols. Based on his many years of nutrition research, Dr. Gundry formulates every Gundry MD product, testing the products on himself before giving a seal of approval. Best-selling Gundry MD products include Total RestoreEnergy Renew, and MCT Wellness. All Gundry MD products come with a 90-day purchase price guarantee if you are not satisfied. For more information, visit or @gundrymd on Instagram and Facebook.†

About Dr. Gundry
Founder of Gundry MD, Dr. Steven Gundry was one of the world’s top cardiothoracic surgeons and is currently the medical director at The International Heart and Lung Institute and The Centers for Restorative Medicine in Palm SpringsBeverly Hills, and Santa Barbara, California. He has spent the past 25 years helping people restore their health by optimizing nutrition and lifestyle choices. Steven Gundry, MD is also the host of the top-ranked health podcast, The Dr. Gundry Podcast, and author of four New York Times best-selling books including The Plant Paradox™ which details his famous lectin-free Plant Paradox Diet. His new book Gut Check provides the keys to unlocking our gut health, allowing our bodies, and their microbiome, to function at their highest potential. For more information, visit and the Dr. Gundry YouTube channel, and follow @drstevengundry on Instagram and TikTok.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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