Pamela Anderson Collaborates with Sonsie Skin to Redefine Beauty Ideals


The collaboration promises a transformative approach to beauty with an empowering, self-accepting skincare system that’s clean, vegan, and cruelty-free

Today, Sonsie Skin®, the emerging minimalist skincare brand, announces that actress Pamela Anderson will join them as co-founder and owner. This initiative marks a new chapter for both Sonsie and Anderson, as they set forth a shared vision for holistic beauty and self-empowerment.

Anderson believes that beauty can be simple – and that is exactly what Sonsie® stands for. Attending recent events wearing little to no makeup, Pamela has brought global awareness to the “less is more” beauty movement, advocating that beauty doesn’t have to be complicated. Striking a chord with consumers who feel pressured by the pursuit of perfection, the actress wants to inspire others to question social norms and embrace their most vulnerable selves.

“To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity… I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself — inside and out…” – Pamela Anderson

Sonsie Bundle

Co-founded by German-born model and creator Marie von Behrens-Felipe and CEO Roberto A. Felipe, Sonsie launched in the summer of 2023. As a new player in the skincare industry, Sonsie imparts a routine reset: an ethical, minimalist, and luxurious way to care for your skin. The products are vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and meet or exceed the intensive standards set by the European Union for safer formulations.

“Pamela is an icon, trailblazer, and someone I admire deeply. We share the same values and vision: for everyone to accept, celebrate, and love their true selves; and to feel good in their own skin… I couldn’t be more grateful for Pamela’s belief in Sonsie.” – Co-founder, Marie von Behrens-Felipe.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Pamela as Co-Founder. Her authenticity, character, and insight will propel Sonsie forward, fostering global awareness. In the dynamic landscape of the skincare industry, Sonsie unfolds as a narrative of self-acceptance, love, and the pursuit of Beyond Healthy Skin. We can’t wait to continue building with our Sonsie family.” – CEO, Roberto A. Felipe.

Together, Anderson and Sonsie will reinforce and amplify the brand’s commitment to crafting skincare solutions that embrace the uniqueness of every individual.

Credit Sonsie Skin

For more information about Sonsie Skin and its exciting future with Pamela Anderson, please visit

Sonsie is a minimalist, clean, vegan & cruelty-free skincare brand founded with the belief that balanced living enhances beauty, inside and out. Sonsie’s mission is to simplify everyone’s routine with effective, ethically sourced ingredients, and carefully curated products. With Sonsie, you will be able to go beyond healthy skin.

Pamela Anderson’s profound influence on pop culture has cemented her as a monumental figure in our cultural landscape. Her influence has left an indelible mark, shaping the industry over decades. Pamela’s portrayal of CJ in the hit TV series “Baywatch” not only made her a leading figure in 90s television but also sparked a new era of beach glamour, influencing fashion and media trends. Her countless appearances on the covers of international publications, starting with Playboy, solidified her as an enduring symbol of beauty and allure. Pamela’s unique blend of sensuality and strength inspired a generation of women to embrace their femininity with confidence and authenticity. In 2023, her NYT Bestselling memoir “Love, Pamela” and the Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary “Pamela, a Love Story” peeled back the curtain, offering the world an intimate glimpse into her journey. Beyond her on-screen accomplishments, Pamela’s personal style, activism, particularly for animal rights, and her bold, outspoken nature have kept her at the forefront of public consciousness. In an industry known for its ephemeral nature, Pamela Anderson’s influence remains steadfast, resonating across generations of pop culture.



SOURCE: Sonsie Skin

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