Pet Releaf’s Rescue Releaf Program Leaves a Paw-sitive Mark: Donates Over $10,000 in Products to Maui Pets

Pet Releaf, a prominent provider of all-natural CBD pet products, is delighted to announce the resounding success of its Rescue Releaf Program. This program has recently culminated in the generous donation of over $10,000 worth of products, aimed at assisting pets in need on the picturesque island of Maui. Pet Releaf’s unshakable commitment to animal well-being has resulted in remarkable contributions, and the company eagerly anticipates an upcoming online event set to magnify its positive impact.

The Rescue Releaf Program, a cornerstone of Pet Releaf’s mission to redefine pet health, is intricately designed to offer essential support to animal shelters, rescue organizations, and communities dedicated to enhancing the lives of animals. By collaborating with local and national entities, Pet Releaf strives to address the unique challenges faced by pets in various regions, particularly during times of crisis.

Following the devastating wildfires that struck Maui in August, numerous residents found themselves displaced, devoid of homes and resources. This calamity profoundly affected countless pets, who were either separated from their families during the fires or lost their homes, necessitating temporary shelter and supplies.

With the invaluable support of its customers, Pet Releaf has recently donated over $10,000 worth of top-tier, all-natural CBD pet products to benefit Maui’s pets. CBD holds the potential to assist pets coping with stress during natural disasters and significant changes in circumstances.

As Maui embarks on its path to recovery, Pet Releaf takes pride in playing a small but meaningful role in partnership with the Maui Humane Society. The island’s ongoing need for assistance underscores the importance of contributions, be it through direct donations to local organizations or the provision of supplies. For those looking to aid Maui’s pets, considering a donation to the Maui Humane Society or participating in Pet Releaf’s upcoming donation event is a worthy endeavor.

Upcoming Event: “Buy One Donate One” on September 14

In its unwavering commitment to supporting pets in need, Pet Releaf is excited to unveil the upcoming “Buy One Donate One” event, scheduled for September 14. During this online event, for every product purchased on, Pet Releaf will match 100% of the sales by donating a product to support Maui’s pets in need. This event presents an excellent opportunity for pet parents to stock up on their favorite products or explore new options, all while making a substantial difference in the lives of animals.

Chelsea Gennings, Co-founder of Pet Releaf, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to witness the positive impact our Rescue Releaf Program has had on pets in Maui and other communities. Our mission has always been to redefine pet health, and at its core is providing assistance to at-risk dogs who need Pet Releaf the most.”

Over the years, Pet Releaf’s Rescue Releaf program has extended aid to over 200 rescues and shelters, contributing nearly $300,000 in products. Individuals can nominate their preferred rescue or shelter to receive Pet Releaf’s support by completing this form. All rescues can promptly receive support by joining Pet Releaf’s rescue affiliate program, where a portion of every purchase made through a rescue’s link is donated back to the rescue.

About Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf stands as the pioneer in plant-based pet CBD, supporting pets, their caregivers, and the environment with sustainably crafted, veterinarian-formulated hemp-based solutions. With over a decade of dedicated service, the company has led the industry by prioritizing education, transparency, and, most importantly, effectiveness, impacting the lives of over 5 million pets and their families.

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