Filippo Berio Elevates Olive Oil and Pesto Offerings for an Enhanced Shopping Experience and Evolving Taste Preferences


Legendary brand’s persistent innovation helps consumers make informed choices, drives high-quality olive oil and pesto consumption

Filippo Berio, the 156-year-old Italian brand and one of the nation’s top-selling olive oil and pesto sauce companies continues its long tradition of innovation, listening closely to consumers to create products that integrate easily into their kitchens and lifestyles. This summer, Filippo Berio is launching its refreshed and expanded line of olive oils that will aim to improve the shopping experience, by eliminating confusion in the aisle, and to provide shoppers with a product for every unique flavor preference and cooking occasion. Filippo Berio is also augmenting its high-quality pesto portfolio with the debut of two luxurious pestos, its creamy and delicate Ricotta Pesto and its premium Truffle Pesto, to meet pesto lovers’ evolving taste and consumption preferences.

Expanded and Refreshed EVOO Line
Leveraging its master blenders and category expertise, Filippo Berio is delivering a greater range of flavor experiences and sizing options, now offering its ROBUSTO, DELICATO, ORGANIC, and 100% ITALIANO Extra Virgin Olive Oil varieties in larger 25.3 fl. oz. packaging. This expansion builds on the success of the company’s current EVOO 16.9 fl. oz. portfolio and its unique-to-category progression of flavor within its olive oil line. While the ROBUSTO has a bold, fruity flavor and peppery finish, drizzling over vegetables, and flavoring ice cream, the DELICATO has a smooth, milder taste perfect for poaching fish, drizzling over fresh fruit, and making dips like pesto or hummus. The 100% ITALIANO, made only with Italian olives, is slightly peppery with an authentic, intense fruity flavor and the perfect companion to all Mediterranean dishes.

“Flavor and usage type are among the main drivers when choosing olive oil, according to recent market studies. Leveraging this, we seized the opportunity for further innovation in the category to meet the unique and evolving taste preferences of new multiethnic consumers,” explained Dusan Kaljevic, CEO of Filippo Berio USA, Ltd. “We’ve enhanced our packaging, maintaining the traditional Filippo Berio aesthetic while introducing clearer guidance on flavor profiles and usage, further helping consumers in their shopping and culinary journeys.”

Filippo Berio’s refreshed packaging includes bold new colors that indicate the specific olive oil flavor profiles and the recommended uses, enabling consumers to quickly recognize the brand’s products and reach for their high-quality olive oil of choice.

“At Filippo Berio, the difference is our ongoing commitment to quality, and we are always innovating toward what’s best for our valued consumers, retail partners, and environment,” said Kaljevic.

As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality, Filippo Berio launched a new ergonomic, better-for-the-planet packaging made of 50% rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) in 2022 and was one of the first olive oil companies to do so in the U.S. Such bottles require less energy to produce than PET plastic bottles and help reduce both plastic waste and demand for new petrochemical resource extraction.

“We are thrilled to offer health-focused and environmentally conscious consumers a wider range of flavors, sizes, and sustainable offerings,” continued Kaljevic. “Filippo Berio is committed to informing consumers about high-quality olive oil and the value proposition that it brings to a well-rounded diet to, ultimately, unlock further category growth and help increase U.S. household penetration, currently only at 50%. As one of the primary components of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil has essential fatty acids that not only support heart and brain health but also protect against a host of diseases. Consumers are willing to pay more for products they perceive as healthier for themselves and the planet.”

Diversified Pesto Portfolio to Drive Demand
Proven innovation and leadership in the olive oil category extend to the brand’s high-quality pesto sauce line. Filippo Berio’s extensive portfolio of pestos spans a variety of flavors, from classic styles that center on traditional Italian basil and olive oil to pioneering vegan varieties to roasted vegetable and tomato-based versions that spur versatility and creativity in the kitchen. To bring pesto lovers everything they’re looking for, Filippo Berio is introducing its two newest flavors, a creamy and delicate Basil & Ricotta Pesto and an aromatic and rich Truffle Pesto, to complement its current array of eight flavorful options.

“These new additions further position Filippo Berio as the only brand in the U.S. market to offer such a wide pesto sauce assortment, and this innovation is aimed at driving further category growth,” said Marco De Feo, Vice President of Marketing at Filippo Berio USA, Ltd. “With Filippo Berio’s Basil & Ricotta Pesto, we’ve developed a high-quality creamy pesto that gives consumers a cheesy but delicate pantry staple, delivering richness without overpowering the palate. This appealing recipe is also extremely versatile, as it can be used as a sauce on a favorite pasta shape, a spread for panini, or as a dip on the appetizer tray, among other possibilities.”

Filippo Berio’s creamy Basil & Ricotta Pesto and Truffle Pesto are both crafted in Italy with a focus on quality ingredients and uncompromising taste. Unlike other creamy pestos in the market, Filippo Berio’s creamy Pesto leads with Italian basil on the ingredient list and omits garlic to allow the herb’s fresh flavor to shine through. With no heating or cooking required, the new products are convenient and highly versatile for any use, and perfect for summertime recipes.

Products Showcased at the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show 
Filippo Berio will be showcasing its innovations at the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show, held June 25-27 at the Javits Center in New York City. The Filippo Berio booth, No. 2631 – 2633, will be located in the Italian pavilion at level 3.

Filippo Berio’s innovations will hit retailers nationwide this summer. Visit for more information on what differentiates Filippo Berio from other brands when it comes to olive oil, pesto, other specialty products, and sustainability initiatives.

About Filippo Berio: 
The Filippo Berio brand has been committed to creating high-quality olive oil for 156 years. Founder Filippo Berio set forth exceptional standards of olive oil production that are still rigorously followed today, with each bottle sold bearing his signature as a seal of the finest olive oil and the brand’s promise of quality. From distinctive olive oils to a selection of specialty pestos, vinegar, balsamic, and glazes, all featuring the finest ingredients and high production standards, the Italian brand focuses on creating great-tasting and accessible products to elevate the at-home cooking and eating experience. The brand is currently sold in more than 75 countries. In the United States, Filippo Berio is marketed by Filippo Berio USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Salov Group, based in Lucca, Italy. For additional information, please visit

SOURCE: Filippo Berio

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