Introducing Tree Hut’s New Glow Collection: Elevating Wellness to New Heights


The TikTok Favorite Beauty Brand Expands Glow Collection with a Focus on Enhanced Functional Fragrances

Get ready to glow inside and out! Tree Hut – the maker of America’s No. 1 Body Scrubs, is launching two new lines – Moonlight Glow and Ocean Glow – to complement its best-selling Tropic Glow product line. The new Moonlight Glow and Ocean Glow lines are a first-of-its-kind for Tree Hut as they are introducing a new level of self-care that weaves together the wellness of the body and the mind. The Glow Collection features innovative Functional Fragrances, which are specially formulated scents that work to elevate consumers’ moods and promote overall well-being. The new lines are also infused with unique skin-loving ingredients that awaken the skin and get consumers in the mood to relax, rejuvenate and feel good. While Tropic Glow is currently available online and in-store at Target and Ulta, the Ocean Glow line will be available at Ulta online and in-store starting this month, and Moonlight Glow will be rolling out to Target, online, and in-store this summer.

Designed to promote relaxation and a deep sense of calm, the new Moonlight Glow line is a thoughtful approach to self-care that helps center and restore the balance between the body and mind. The formula features Snow Mushroom for skin-plumping and hydration which reduces skin stressors, Magnesium for relieving stress and reducing stress while balancing skin, Crushed Amethyst which exfoliates and promotes emotional balance, and a Modern Aromatherapy Blend that helps reset users’ mood and state of mind. Moonlight Glow will elevate an entire shower routine with the scent of peach, orange zest, lavender, jasmine, amber, musk, and coconut. The Moonlight Glow line will be exclusively available at Target, online, and in stores.

  • Moonlight Glow Wellness Mist
    • Packed with mood-boosting benefits, this long-lasting fragrance can be enjoyed on the skin, on linens, and in the shower for a calming self-care experience.
  • Moonlight Glow Shea Sugar Scrub
    • Balance skin and senses with earth-bound ingredients and crystal exfoliants that buff away dry skin to reveal a luminous glow.
  • Moonlight Glow Whipped Shea Body Butter
    • Wrap skin with deep moisture in a mood-balancing fragrance featuring adaptogens and minerals. This airy whipped formula hydrates to unveil glowy skin with a non-greasy formula.

Once the balance has been restored, it’s time to heal. Made to provide a feeling of renewal and rejuvenation, the Ocean Glow line elevates self-care to promote hydration and heal the skin and overall well-being. This fragrance will transport consumers to tranquility with marine-inspired ingredients like Green Microalgae, a natural healer that helps to moisturize skin while improving tone and texture, Rainbow Algae which helps to brighten skin and promote luminosity, and Hyaluronic Acid that increases the skin’s ability to hold hydration and boost elasticity. The Ocean Glow collection will take shower routines to a peaceful destination with the scent of muguet, apricot, pastel sands, apple, coconut, pineapple, musk, amber, and tropical seas. The Ocean Glow line will be available exclusively at Ulta, online, and in stores.

  • Ocean Glow Hydrating Foaming Gel Wash
    • Lather skin with a wash that moisturizes and tones. This gel-to-foam formula is packed with good-for-you ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Algae to leave skin glowing.
  • Ocean Glow Hydrating Shea Sugar Scrub
    • Promoting a feeling of renewal, this refreshing marine fragrance centers the spirit while gentle exfoliants smooth dull skin to achieve a plumped and luminous glow.
  • Ocean Glow Hydrating Whipped Shea Body Butter
    • Dive into hydration with marine ingredients that keep skin renewed and soothed while the lightweight and airy formula packs in moisture for a healthy, glowy finish.

“For years, Tree Hut has been known for its variety of bright and vibrant scents across its product suite, but understanding how daily self-care has such a major effect on mood, the brand wanted to incorporate elevated fragrances and ingredients into its newest launches that help not only nourish the body but the mind as well,” said Senior Product Development Manager, Kristal Harmon. “With these newly developed Functional Fragrances, we are encouraging our loyal fans to not only enjoy the scent of the products but to create a body care regimen that will enhance how they feel so that they have a glow that shines from the inside, out.”

To round out the Glow collection by promoting confidence and positivity, the popular Tropic Glow line enhances the skin’s radiance and brings out users’ inner glow. Energizing and firming ingredients like Cupuacu Butter help to prevent dry skin and restore elasticity while Guarana Extract enhances the appearance of smoother skin Pistachio Seed Oil seals in moisture and creates a barrier to protect dry skin. Tropic Glow features the scents of rich caramel, green pistachio, almond blossoms, sea salt, vanilla bean, golden amber, and Australian sandalwood. Firm and enhance skin with the Tropic Glow regimen featuring a Sparkling Gel WashFirming Shea Sugar ScrubMoisturizing Shave OilFirming Whipped Shea Body Butter, and Shimmer Mist. The Tropic Glow line is available at Ulta and Target, online, and in stores.

Tree Hut products are paraben free, vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, do not contain formaldehyde donors, and are made in the USA. To learn more about Tree Hut’s latest offerings, visit or follow the brand on TikTokInstagram, and Facebook for more information.

About Tree Hut

Tree Hut believes that everyone deserves to take time in their day to feel good. The family-owned brand still produces out of Coppell, TX, and has spent twenty years making high-quality skin and body care at an affordable price. The now global Tree Hut brand has grown to include body, shave, face, and lip collections, known for delicious scents, bright packaging, and premium ingredients. With an upl:fting, inclusive approach to self-care, Tree Hut has built its brand largely via word of mouth, with customers and beauty influencers alike passionately sharing their favorite products and avidly anticipating seasonal launches.



SOURCE: Tree Hut

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