LĀ SOL Collective Brings You the Truth About Sunscreens


A simple, unspoken truth is that the vast majority of sunscreens aren’t safe. They either don’t offer adequate protection from the sun, or contain harmful chemicals, and often both.

A recent study sampling over 1,800 sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) states that only 25% of them offer adequate protection and don’t contain harmful chemicals. Over 40% of non-mineral-based sunscreens contain oxybenzone, a cancer-causing chemical. Most experts recommend zinc oxide-based (mineral sunscreen) as the safest option. Until LĀ SOL Collective came along, zinc-based sunscreen meant choosing to have a chalky, white appearance to stay safe. Finally, LĀ SOL Collective developed CLEAR Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30, your kids won’t throw a fit having to wear it and it offers better sun protection.

Best-selling author, celebrity holistic nutritionist, and wellness expert, Kelly LeVeque is quoted as saying “Really digging this sunscreen by LĀ SOL, it’s the no white cast that sold me!”.

The Southern California-based founders of LĀ SOL struggled for years to find the right sunscreen to wear. As more and more evidence mounted that there were harmful chemicals in many of the products we place in, and on, our bodies, they knew sunscreen was a problem that needed to be solved. When major brand sunscreens with great reputations were recalled because they contained cancer-causing agents, they acted. They wanted a product that protects against the strength of the sun but is safe for everyone. From that mission. LĀ SOL was born.

Virginia Carnesale, the founder of ShopStage.co, a website and community for women battling breast cancer had this to say. “I created Stage to be a resource, support system, and one-stop shop for stylish treatment essentials for women battling breast cancer. Clean beauty products are an important part of our offering. We are excited to partner with LĀ SOL because their sunscreen offers sun protection that is free of cancer-causing toxins, and endocrine disruptors and is just the type of health and wellness product we love to promote.” 

LĀ SOL CLEAR vs. Competition

Dermatologists love it, too. “As a dermatologist, I recommend mineral-based sunscreens for my patients, but finding the perfect mineral-based sunscreen that doesn’t appear white and chalky on the skin can be difficult. LĀ SOL Clear Zinc Sunscreen is a 100% non-nano zinc oxide-based sunscreen with an elegant formulation that applies clearly on the skin without the white overcast that can be seen with many other mineral-based sunscreens. I’ve loved using LĀ SOL myself and recommended it to my patients as well.” Jeanette M. Black, M.D.

Dermatologist Jeanette M. Black, M.D.

It is well-known that the chemicals used in sunscreens are destroying our reefs. Up to 10% of the world’s reefs are currently damaged due to sunscreen. To protect their ocean life and lifestyle, the state of Hawaii created a law that only Hawaii Care Certified sunscreens can be sold anywhere in the state. The founders of LĀ SOL decided early on that if they couldn’t make their sunscreen Hawaii Care Act Certified, they wouldn’t make it. You can’t live the stoke without the reefs. LĀ SOL is now available in Hawaii.

LĀ SOL Collective is coming up on its one-year anniversary and it is ahead of internal growth projections. By summer they will be in 25+ retailers including Monarch Beach Golf Links, The Tennis Club at Newport Beach, Balboa Bay Club, and growing.   They were recently featured as a product to watch on NBC by Kym Douglas, The Ellen Shows beauty expert.  They are also featured in InStyle’s top vegan beauty box, Kinder Beauty Box this Spring and just started hitting the market in several top 10 sunscreen lists like The Candidly.

For additional information and a full ingredient list, visit the website: www.lasolcollective.com.

Editors:  LĀ SOL has an affiliate program.


SOURCE: LĀ SOL Collective

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