SEASONAL Asthenia – Spring time and things you should know about it


If it is Spring can be #asthenia,

however, asthenia begins sooner, in about the middle of February.

Our Bodies and Souls are affected by ALL External Things, not to mention that recent studies have shown that most of the root problems of our bodies and souls are coming from the exterior, like nutrition, mood, media, people, weather, all environmental issues, etc. Of course, so many things can be solved with our perceptions, but some are really coming from the outer World. We cannot talk about everything in 1 article, so I will start with Today’s theme, Asthenia.

Weather modifications simply make a major impact on our mood, but also on our body strength. Because of the weather, we can feel smiley, angry, depressed, or the opposite, or even more, or less. Cold and hot weather, has an extreme impact on us, but the weather changes and seasonal changes can make deep perturbations in our system!

Not to mention, in those territories with 4 seasons, the changes can make a real difference!

The so-called asthenia or Spring asthenia in some cases can make us feel very different, with many symptoms and it starts in February. Let’s mention some.

The most problematic symptom is fatigue, which affects the person both psychologically and physiologically. Just name some symptoms that we should expect during this period would be: low mood, depression, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, lack of motivation, decreased sexual desire, headaches, sadness, muscle fatigue, lack of concentration, apathy, mood swings, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, exhaustion, decreased blood pressure, lack of appetite. Who is affected? Anybody can be, but it can be really devastating for older people, children, and people with chronic illnesses. We can add to all these people, females in perimenopause or menopause, as hormones are affected. Also, we can feel a descendence efficiency in active people, athletes, because of the impact of stress on the body. However, sport, recreation, walk is highly recommended in this period.

Interrupted sleep, lack of energy, low desire on doing anything, or being fatigued from just doing little things is a “sign” during this period of Season. It is very common and affects almost everybody in some way.

What can we do to improve our life quality? Moving or/and exercising, drinking enough water, taking some vitamins(D, C, Bs), minerals(Ca, Mg, Phosphorus), eating more greens, taking enzymes, walking outside, meditating, and massaging are just a few.

How to Adapt our diet
Diet is a valuable ally of the body when it has to fight spring asthenia. Foods rich in tryptophan are recommended for consumption because this amino acid stimulates the secretion of serotonin, and as we know this is also called the hormone of happiness. This influences sleep, sexual appetite, the learning process, mood, and many other states.
Studies show, that foods rich in tryptophan include nuts, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, papaya, oranges, grapefruit, and grapes. Also, some integral bread and whole-grain pasta would be a smart choice.
Foods rich in B vitamins are recommended for combating spring asthenia, as they fight against the feeling of fatigue, and energize the whole body. So, would be great to add some Bananas, vegetables, and whole grains to our daily meals.
Seasonal raw vegetables and greens are essential during this period. So, we can focus on green onions, wild garlic, nettles, and any other seasonal vegetables you can find at the market stalls. They can also be consumed after boiling them for a few seconds, they are great in salads, soups, or stews. Potatoe and other legumes are also essential.
How about teas?
Drinking tea can help you get through this period well and overcome spring asthenia. Ginseng tea contributes to regaining vitality and is effective in combating stress. I would also add high-antioxidant teas like rooibos, green tea, or Ganoderma.
Do not overdrink, just 1-2 cups maximum/day.
Sport is a “must” in this Season!

All kind of exercise is better than nothing. Walking is the best to relax the body and help soreness and muscle fatigue. We can try vigorous exercises, too, just take it easy, or with a coach or adviser if you are new. (…to avoid too much stress on the body and accidents).

Exercise helps our blood move as well as the muscles, and we can feel more energetic after doing about 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.
In order to enjoy the beneficial effects of movement to the maximum and to overcome spring asthenia, it would be ideal to choose to do sports outdoors, like jogging, brisk walks in the park, or tennis, but it is a good option at home, like yoga, pilates, or in the yard, as is more convenient for the life schedule we have.
Staying hydrated will ease spring fever symptoms like headaches or dizziness, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 glasses per day, and even more if needed.
The major factor in our lives is Sleep, at least 7 hours a night is ideal, and 8 is the best.
We need sleep to cope well with the symptoms of spring asthenia. We know that going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day, is not an easy thing, nowadays, but we need to teach our bodies whit our sleep schedule.
Even though spring fever will go away on its own after a few weeks, when the body finally adjusts to the new season, hours, and meteorological changes there are some ways that can help us to speed up this transition process and prevent most of the symptoms.
Good Luck and Happy Spring!

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