Haofood takes the lead in launching Asia’s free from extra added artificial additives & preservatives plant-based meat


Consumers can expect clean label product that comes with a stronger nutrition profile and a pocket-friendly price

Haofood, the world’s pioneer in the development of plant-based chicken from peanuts, today announces their latest innovation: Carefree Pulled Chicklessa clean-label plant-based chicken that is available in China starting today. Clean-label products are made without extra added artificial additives, preservatives, thickeners, water retention agents, colourings, flavourings and MSG.

As the demand for plant-based products in Asia rises, it is crucial for brands to stay informed and adaptable to remain competitive in the market. Haofood recently conducted consumer studies in China to understand the preferences for sustainable protein sources and found that the top three obstacles to incorporating plant-based meat into daily diets are taste, the presence of additives in product ingredients, and cost. In response, Haofood created Carefree Pulled Chickless to address these challenges and provide a taste-centric, additive-free and affordable solution.

“Clean-label products will be more favourable for consumers,  as one of the main reasons to choose plant-based products is for the health benefits. The consumer demands the assurance that they are eating the healthiest and safest food product, and at the same time that it is less harmful to the planet. Carefree Pulled Chickless is healthy and delicious – using simpler and plant-based ingredients produced with the know-how that enables us to create great texture and taste at the same time.” shared Astrid Prajogo, Founder & CEO of Haofood.

Texture of clean-label plant-based chicken by Haofood


“Haofood’s Carefree Pulled Chickless offers a clean-label, innovative solution in the plant-based meat market. With a focus on consumer needs and a dedication to staying ahead of market trends, Haofood is setting a high bar for the industry,” said Yip Hon Mun, an expert from the alternative protein industry who is also a member of Haofood’s Board of Directors.

Haofood’s innovation on clean label products is also warmly welcomed by the industry association in China, “Similar to many other lifestyle essentials such as cosmetics, the plant-based food industry requires constant R&D as the great quality of the product is the key to keep consumers interested in protein alternatives. We are glad that Haofood listens well to consumers’ aspiration and respond wisely by developing and launching clean-label plant-based chicken to the market. This clean-label product is exactly what our industry needs now,” shared Larry Lee, Founder & CEO of China Plant-Based Food Association.

The key to buy-in: Changing consumer perceptions

The challenge faced by industry players is not getting consumers to try plant-based meat, but getting them to incorporate it into their daily diet. For many, the perception towards plant-based meat is that it does not taste as good as real meat, and some even carry a weird mouthfeel.

Another key concern is consumers find that there is risk associated with eating plant-based meat formulated with artificial food ingredients to mimic the taste, texture, smell and appearance of real meat. On the other hand, meat like chicken, beef and other protein products are natural and free from additives. Even when a plant-based product meets food safety regulations, consumers are wary. Adding to that, the price point of plant-based meat is typically higher than what people are paying for real meat.

Clean-label products: Created to put consumers’ minds at ease

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly turning a critical eye towards ingredients used in plant-based meat. Carefree Pulled Chickless, the clean-label plant-based meat was thus born to address concerns over taste, label and cost.

Carefree Pulled Chickless contains zero extra added artificial ingredients. No extra added additives, preservatives, thickeners, water retention agents, MSG, flavourings or colourings are present in this clean-label product invented by Haofood. In terms of nutritional value, consumers can be assured as Carefree Chickless is high in protein, 0 trans-fat and guilt-free.

The pace of modern life also means that many seek convenience when making purchase decisions. For ease of cooking, Carefree Pulled Chickless comes pulled and all consumers have to do is reheat it in a microwave oven or simply pan-fried. Price-wise, the clean-label product is a clear winner as it is at par with chicken breast and around half lower than the average market price of plant-based meat products.

Three flavours to pick from Original, Xinjiang Spices and Salt & Pepper

Carefree Pulled Chickless is produced through proprietary extrusion technology that results in a rich fibrous structure and high-quality texturized product. The primary ingredient, peanut, naturally contains a high level of aspartic and glutamic acid, common amino acids which creates an umami taste and making food taste good. Common household kitchen ingredients such as salt, pepper, chilli powder, cumin, clove and ginger have also been used to enhance the flavour of the clean-label plant-based chicken. Consumers will be spoilt for choice with three variants to select from – Original, Xinjiang Spices and Salt & Pepper.

Starting this week, consumers located in China can try Carefree Pulled Chickless at various restaurants such as at 2060 the plant-based fast food restaurant in China located at Wanda Mall in Wujiaochang, Shanghai and pre-order directly from Haofood’s Official WeChat Store.

Please visit Haofood for more information.

Haofood is available for introductions, further comments or media interviews.


About Haofood:

Haofood is a food science and technology startup with a mission to sustain happiness from good food forever. With cutting-edge technology and science, Haofood is working to produce food in a smarter and more sustainable approach, to fulfil our protein needs today, tomorrow and in the future. In January 2023, Haofood set a precedent in the plant-based industry by launching a clean-label plant-based chicken. Known as Carefree Pulled Chickless, it is made without extra added artificial additives, preservatives, thickeners, water retention agents, colourings, flavourings and MSG, ensuring consumers get access to plant-based products that are healthy, safe for consumption and delicious at the same time. Currently, Haofood has a presence in China and Singapore.




SOURCE: Haofood

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