This award reinforces and cements The Family Kitchen’s strong market presence across Singapore in the dairy-free, freshly made, preservative-free, and healthy products space with their kitchen staples like fresh almond milk, fresh almond yogurt, and strawberry almond yogurt.

The Family Kitchen Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore homegrown health food start-up that produces fresh products with real and natural ingredients which are free from preservatives, chemicals, and stabilizers. Their products are freshly made to order every week, in curated batches to ensure zero waste, and are delivered across the island. Radhika Sathaye Sethi, Founder, and Creator at The Family Kitchen say: “The Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 continues to be one of Singapore’s highly regarded business accolades that recognizes local enterprises for its business qualities, excellence, and capabilities. Being awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award is an achievement for us and we are humbled and honored with this recognition.”

What differentiates The Family Kitchen from other plant-based companies is that they use real natural ingredients and their products are made in a central kitchen and not in a lab. Their products are also free from any stabilizers which means they have short shelf lives unlike mass-produced plant-based milk and yogurts which lasts for months on shelves. These stabilizers and additives can also cause inflammation, hormone imbalances, and gut issues which is why their Founder & Creator Radhika who is very particular about food safety ensures that their products are free from all these nasties and enhancers. This means they are super clean and you will taste the actual ingredient in every product without any bloating or discomfort usually caused by additives.


Radhika says: “Launching our dairy-free fresh almond milk in 2020 in the peak of COVID was a huge challenge and thanks to all our customers, supporters, and well-wishers, this was a super success and bottles were flying off our shelves. ESG has also been a huge support for us and has guided us with their invaluable experience and we are so grateful to have them with us through this journey” says Radhika. What makes their fresh almond milk unique is that they make it with natural raw almonds and not almond paste or almond essence and each bottle has 82 almonds per bottle which means it is packed with protein and healthy fats and is great for our bodies and our health. This makes it a Singapore favorite and a constant bestseller since it first launched. As one of their long-term customers’ says: “The almond milk is fantastic. It’s clean, preservative-free, and miles ahead of any other brand I’ve tried in Singapore. So delicious!”

In February 2022, after months of trials and lab testing, they launched Singapore’s first-ever dairy-free, fresh almond yogurt, that’s packed with probiotics and made with simple, clean ingredients, unlike factory-made brands which are packed with harmful thickeners like xanthan gum and carrageenan. Fresh almond yogurt revolutionized the Singapore market and it did so well that it was also shortlisted for the Food Product Innovation Awards 2022-2024 organized by SIFST (Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology). Radhika says: “Dairy-free yogurt was something I was very keen to launch especially since my younger daughter is dairy-intolerant and as a parent, it can be very difficult to find dairy-free yogurts that are healthy and tasty but more importantly clean and free from preservatives and harmful additives”. The fresh almond yogurt took Singapore by storm, especially vegans who commented: “The fresh almond yogurt is super yummy, tastes like usual yogurt but cleaner and refreshing and finally found a vegan yogurt that’s almond-based!”

For lactose intolerant people, or for those with allergies to dairy, The Family Kitchen’s products are truly a godsend as they are the best, healthiest and tastiest dairy-free, wholesome, nutritious, and balanced ones out there. The best part is that both these products have zero-added sugar and since diabetes is a serious health concern in Singapore these are in sync with Singapore’s Let’s BEAT Diabetes initiative.

The recent launch of their Strawberry Almond Yogurt has made it to their newest bestsellers list as it is made with real strawberries and is free from carmine, a red food dye made from the insect cochineal which is typically used to give the food the pink and red color. “Finding the right and safe ingredient was important for us which is why we use beetroot powder as it is not harmful to our bodies unlike carmine dye and is safe for everyone to consume especially children who love our strawberry flavored almond yogurt,” says Radhika.

The assessment for the SME 500 Award conducted by ATC (Association of Trade & Commerce) Singapore also includes evaluating enterprises in its quantitative and qualitative aspects, including the ability to further develop the business and scale up its market share. The Family Kitchen is right on track to increase its market presence as the plan for the years ahead is to grow more, launch more products, have a wider retail presence across the island, and make The Family Kitchen products a part of every kitchen in Singapore thus aligning with Singapore’s target to produce 30% of its nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030.

About The Family Kitchen Pte. Ltd. 

The Family Kitchen Private Limited is a Singapore homegrown health food company and we produce fresh, healthy, and nutritious food which is tasty. We strictly do not add any preservatives, chemicals, stabilizers, or additives as our focus is on clean food made with natural and wholesome ingredients. Our best-selling products are Fresh Almond Milk, Fresh Almond Yogurt, and Strawberry Almond Yogurt which are 100% plant-based, with 25% almonds per bottle/jar, and are made from 100% natural raw almonds. All our products are nutritionist-approved with a shelf-life of 7-10 days and are made freshly in Singapore in an SFA-licensed kitchen.

Find out more at or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact us at: [email protected]





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