• TiNDLE is now available in grocery stores across major cities in Germany, introducing its brand-new range of delicious, easy-to-prepare products designed for home cooks
  • Shoppers can now find the ‘ridiculously good’ plant-based chicken on shelves at Germany’s largest retailer, EDEKA Group, rolling out at 2,200 EDEKA stores and as a limited-time promotion at 4,200 Netto stores
  • As a preview, US foodies can experience the new TiNDLE retail line for the first time – shipped direct to their homes – through chef-crafted meal kits by notable culinary star Chef Chad Rosenthal

Next Gen Foods – the makers of TiNDLE – announce the official debut of its line of six new retail products, marking the first time that consumers in Germany and the United States can trial the popular plant-based chicken for convenient, at-home cooking. In Germany, the EDEKA Group’s EDEKA and Netto stores will be the first to bring TiNDLE to market, launching in over 6,000 locations this week, making it one of the largest retail debuts of a plant-based meat brand. In the US, consumers can order the new direct-to-consumer meal kits, curated by Chef Chad Rosenthal, exclusively through the e-commerce marketplace Goldbelly.

TiNDLE is a delicious and easy-to-prepare plant-based chicken that has rapidly caught the eye of chefs and culinary professionals globally due to its similarities in the taste, texture, and experience that can be found in animal-based chicken. It is made from simple, GMO-free ingredients, delivering a good source of protein and fiber – with 17g of protein and 8g of fiber in every 100g of TiNDLE alone.

TiNDLE’s new range of retail products features six formats, developed in collaboration with the company’s world-class R&D team and expert chefs across EuropeAsia, and the United States to bring an elevated restaurant experience into home kitchens. Just as can be found in restaurants today, the grocery-ready TiNDLE products feature a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor, in large part thanks to the inclusion of Lipiä – the company’s proprietary emulsion of plant-based ingredients that help mirror the aroma, cookability, and savory qualities of chicken fat. This new range includes:

TiNDLE Nuggets: Convenient and bite-sized nuggets that are delicious on their own or can become a versatile and adaptable base for dishes of all cuisines, including pasta, tacos, or curries

TiNDLE Patties: Juicy patties that can be transformed into an impressive meal in under five minutes, perfect for your favorite sandwich combinations or as a base for chicken parmesan or katsu

TiNDLE Popcorn: Mini popcorn bites with a crisp coating and black pepper finish that can be served alone or with dipping sauces or as a topping for bowls or salads

TiNDLE Schnitzel: The iconic German schnitzel, adapted with TiNDLE, coated in a rich layer of batter and crispy breadcrumbs

TiNDLE Tenders: Simple and quick to prepare, the juicy and crunchy tenders are packed with flavor on their own or can be used as the perfect accompaniment to fill in wraps or tacos

TiNDLE Wings: Delivering on the same experience found in beloved chicken wings, this plant-based version can be tasted alone for a crunchy satisfaction or topped with any wing sauce of choice for a savory meal

“Ever since we first debuted TiNDLE, consumers have been asking when they’ll be able to cook with it at home, and with our expansion into grocery stores now, we’re making progress in achieving our goals of establishing a more sustainable food system,” says Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of Next Gen Foods. “We’ve been amazed so far by the imagination of chefs who’ve cooked with TiNDLE and can’t wait to see the creations coming out of home kitchens after today.”

As the largest retailer in Germany – operating over 11,000 stores in total – the EDEKA group will be the first to introduce TiNDLE to shoppers in the country. Founded in 1907, the EDEKA Group is known for its selection of high-quality products from a mix of traditional regional and international producers – along with its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The group also owns and operates Netto Marken-Discount, known for offering quality at an affordable price.

Beginning this week, shoppers will be able to discover TiNDLE at EDEKA locations in the southwest region of Germany, covering cities such as Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart. Starting on 8 February, EDEKA stores across the major metropolitan areas of Berlin, Brandenburg, and Hanover, amongst others, will roll out TiNDLE on shelves. Across all stores, TiNDLE can be found in the chilled aisle as four offerings – Schnitzel, Nuggets, Tenders, and Popcorn – at RRP €3.49.

For one week only, all 4,200 Netto locations nationwide will take part in a limited-time promotion of the newest TiNDLE products, running from today through 5 February. TiNDLE Schnitzel, Nuggets, and Wings will be available in Netto’s frozen aisles for this week only, each available at RRP €4.99 (prices may vary by store location).

In Germany, meat consumption is decreasing at an accelerated pace as younger generations seek food options free from animal-based products. Today, Germans consume an average of 121 pounds of meat a year, a significant decrease of 12.3% from 138 pounds in 2011. As Germany’s meat consumption has declined, grocery sales of plant-based foods have seen explosive growth.

Outside of Germany, TiNDLE recently tested its retail offerings with UK grocer Morrisons – as part of a seasonal promotion for the widespread Veganuary challenge – gathering feedback and consumer insights on its new product formats. In the United States, consumers can now trial TiNDLE’s new retail product line-up – for a limited time before they hit American grocery stores later this year – exclusively through the direct-to-consumer marketplace for gourmet foods and gifts, Goldbelly. Featuring culinary personality Chef Chad Rosenthal’s original recipes from his Motel Fried Chicken concept, the meal kits are the perfect way for both experienced and novice foodies to cook TiNDLE at home or share as gifts for any food lovers in their lives. The Motel Fried Chicken store’s first TiNDLE offerings include:

  • TiNDLE Buffalo Chicken Tenders Wrap Kit: For any spice lovers, the Buffalo Chicken Tenders Wraps feature TiNDLE Tenders, tossed in a hot Buffalo sauce and served with a tangy, vegan blue cheese slaw; these wraps can be easily customized for a strong kick of heat or toned down for an easy-to-prepare lunch or dinner for the entire family
  • TiNDLE Chicken Sandwich Kit: A plant-based take on the iconic Motel Fried Chicken Sandwich, TiNDLE Patties are the star here – coated in a rich layer of batter and textured with irresistible crumbs – served with soft buns and a medley of toppings including a Memphis mustard slaw, vegan citrus mayo, dill pickles, and a zesty hot seasoning
  • TiNDLE Sweet Honey BBQ Chicken Wings Kit: Doused in a sweet honey BBQ sauce, made with MeliBio’s plant-based honey made without bees, the TiNDLE Wings are the ultimate crowd pleaser – offering the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors with a crispy and golden brown outside and tender and juicy inside; the wings come with two complementary sides, a housemade ranch dip, and a Memphis mustard slaw, for an added burst of flavor

TiNDLE is the first product by Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-founded food tech company that is developing and commercializing innovative and sustainable foods. Next Gen Foods was founded in 2020 by Brazilian-born poultry exporter and food industry veteran Andre Menezes, and German native Timo Recker, whose family business made schnitzel and other meat products for three generations. After initially meeting, they decided to work on products that reduce humanity’s reliance on animal agriculture.

For more information on the new line of retail products, or to find the closest restaurant or grocery store carrying TiNDLE near you, visit tindle.com.

About TiNDLE
TiNDLE is the leading plant-based chicken – offering the distinct aroma, taste, and texture of chicken and made with non-GMO ingredients. TiNDLE is the first product by Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-founded food tech company that is developing and commercializing innovative and sustainable foods to make saving the planet easy, enjoyable, and delicious. For more information, visit www.tindle.com or follow @tindlefoods on Instagram and @tindle.foods on TikTok.

About Next Gen Foods
Founded in 2020, Next Gen Foods is a food-tech startup developing and commercializing innovative and sustainable plant-based food products – including its flagship product, TiNDLE. Next Gen Foods is backed by a team with proven experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and global distribution scaleup. For more information, visit nextgen-foods.sg.



SOURCE: Next Gen Foods, Inc


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