Global Coconut Water Market (2021 to 2025)


The “Global Coconut Water Market (by Type, Form, Packaging, Distribution Channel & Region): Insights & Forecast with Potential Impact of COVID-19 (2021-2025)” report has been added to’s offering

The global coconut water market is forecasted to record a value of US$8.82 billion in 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 15.25%, for the duration spanning 2021-2025.

The driving factors include the increasing inclination of consumers towards health and wellness, the growing prevalence of lifestyle disorders, rising interest in caffeinated refreshments and hydration, and escalating global average temperature. However, the market growth would be challenged by the huge gap between the two ends of the coconut water supply chain, preservation of tender coconut water, and misleading practices of some of the coconut water brands. The market is anticipated to experience certain trends like a surging number of fitness and health clubs, growing preference for natural and plant-based drinks, and rising government initiatives for promoting coconut farming.

The global coconut water market can be segmented based on type, form, packaging, a distribution channel. Based on type, the market can be bifurcated into pure and mixed coconut water. According to the form, the market can be categorized into liquid and powder coconut water. Whereas, depending on packaging, the market can broadly be split into tetra packs, plastic bottles, and another packaging such as glass and metal cans. The global coconut water market is segmented into online and offline, based on the distribution channels.

The fastest-growing regional market in the Asia Pacific owing to surging preference for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages especially among health-conscious consumers, the growing number of coconut plantations, and the increasing adoption of a vegan diet and non-dairy products. Further, the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in stagnant market growth as the pandemic caused supply chain disruptions and led to various challenges to the food & beverages sector.

Scope of the report

  • The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global coconut water market segmented based on type, form, packaging, distribution channel, and region with the potential impact of COVID-19.
  • The major regional and country markets (Asia PacificNorth AmericaEuropeLatin AmericaMiddle East & Africa) have been analyzed.
  • The market dynamics such as growth drivers, market trends, and challenges are analyzed in-depth.
  • The competitive landscape of the market, along with the company profiles of leading players (PepsiCo, Inc. (O.N.E. Coconut Water), GraceKennedy Limited, The Vita Coco Company, Inc., NewAge, Inc., Harmless Harvest, Inc., and Powerplant Venture) are also presented in detail.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Market Overview

2. Impact of COVID-19

3. Global Market Analysis
3.1 Global Coconut Water Market by Value
3.2 Global Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.3 Global Coconut Water Market by Type
3.3.1 Global Pure Coconut Water Market by Value
3.3.2 Global Pure Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.3.3 Global Mixed Coconut Water Market by Value
3.3.4 Global Mixed Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.4 Global Coconut Water Market by Form
3.4.1 Global Coconut Water Form Market by Value
3.4.2 Global Coconut Water Form Market Forecast by Value
3.5 Global Coconut Water Market by Packaging
3.5.1 Global Tetra Pack Coconut Water Market by Value
3.5.2 Global Tetra Pack Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.5.3 Global Plastic Bottle Coconut Water Market by Value
3.5.4 Global Plastic Bottle Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.6 Global Coconut Water Market by Distribution Channel
3.6.1 Global Offline Coconut Water Market by Value
3.6.2 Global Offline Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.6.3 Global Online Coconut Water Market by Value
3.6.4 Global Online Coconut Water Market Forecast by Value
3.7 Global Coconut Water Market by Region

4. Regional Market

5. Market Dynamics
5.1 Growth Drivers
5.1.1 Increasing Inclination of Consumers towards Health & Wellness
5.1.2 Growing Prevalence of Lifestyle Disorders
5.1.3 Rising Interest in Caffeinated Refreshments and Hydration
5.1.4 Escalating Global Average Temperature
5.2 Key Trends and Developments
5.2.1 Surging Number of Fitness and Health Clubs
5.2.2 Growing Preference for Natural & Plant-based Drinks
5.2.3 Rising Government Initiatives for Promoting Coconut Farming
5.3 Challenges
5.3.1 Huge Gap between the Two Ends of the Coconut Water Supply Chain
5.3.2 Preservation of Tender Coconut Water
5.3.3 Misleading Practices of Some of The Coconut Water Brands

6. Competitive Landscape
6.1 Global Market
6.1.1 Revenue Comparison of Key Players
6.1.2 Market Capitalization Comparison of Key Players
6.2 The U.S. Market
6.2.1 The U.S. Coconut Water Market Share by Key Players

7. Company Profiles
7.1 PepsiCo, Inc. (O.N.E. Coconut Water)
7.1.1 Business Overview
7.1.2 Financial Overview
7.1.3 Business Strategies
7.2 GraceKennedy Limited
7.2.1 Business Overview
7.2.2 Financial Overview
7.2.3 Business Strategies
7.3 The Vita Coco Company, Inc.
7.3.1 Business Overview
7.3.2 Financial Overview
7.3.3 Business Strategies
7.4 NewAge, Inc.
7.4.1 Business Overview
7.4.2 Financial Overview
7.4.3 Business Strategies
7.5 Harmless Harvest, Inc.
7.5.1 Business Overview
7.5.2 Business Strategies
7.6 Powerplant Ventures, LLC (ZICO Beverages, LLC)
7.6.1 Business Overview
7.6.2 Business Strategies


SOURCE: Research and Markets


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