‘Never Have I Ever’ Star Richa Moorjani Exposes the Dark Secrets of the Dairy Industry: Eye-Opening Undercover Footage by Animal Equality


Once upon a time, in a world where dairy production seemed innocuous, a powerful story unfolded.

Animal Equality, an international animal protection organization, embarked on a daring undercover investigation that would change the way people saw the global dairy industry forever. Joining their noble cause was celebrated actress and compassionate activist, Richa Moorjani.

Richa, a dedicated vegan for many years, knew that the issues at hand transcended the borders of India, where the investigation took place. She reflected on a life-changing documentary she watched years ago that opened her eyes to the unimaginable suffering and cruel living conditions animals endure in the animal agriculture industry. “These are not isolated incidents of abuse,” she expressed passionately. “This is evidence of an exploitative and powerful global industry, hidden behind false ‘humane’ marketing and images of fabricated happiness.”

Animal Equality, armed with undeniable evidence, revealed that the practices uncovered during their investigation were likely being supported by unsuspecting consumers worldwide, including Americans. India, the world’s largest producer of dairy, accounted for over 20% of global dairy products.

With unwavering determination, Richa urged viewers not to turn a blind eye to the truth behind every glass of milk or dairy product. The findings presented by Animal Equality were among the most shocking evidence of cruelty faced by animals in the dairy industry.

In her poignant narrative, Richa shed light on the natural process of milk production in cows and buffaloes, likening it to humans. However, a heart-wrenching reality unveiled itself as the newborn calves were cruelly separated from their mothers within hours of birth, solely to preserve the milk for human consumption. The footage depicted how male calves were either sold for slaughter or left to starve to death, discarded like disposable commodities.

As the separation inflicted emotional distress on the mother cows, their milk production decreased. Desperate to maintain high yields, farm workers resorted to extreme measures. “To fool the animals into believing they need to continue nursing, workers stuffed calf carcasses with hay,” Richa sorrowfully described.

The undercover investigation revealed the use of oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates milk production, administered to the animals through injections. Despite being banned in India in 2018 due to its adverse effects on both animals and humans consuming products tainted with it, oxytocin remained legal for use on U.S. farms, even on so-called “organic” ones.

Richa continued her storytelling, sharing the fate that awaited cows no longer deemed productive. These once-nurturing beings were sent to markets to be sold for slaughter, their lives abruptly extinguished, devoid of dignity.

“This investigation is merely a glimpse into a broader reality where millions of animals suffer for dairy,” Richa solemnly expressed. Animal Equality’s tireless efforts have extensively documented such suffering worldwide, spanning dairy farms in the United States, the U.K., and Mexico.

With conviction in her voice, Richa acknowledged that there was no humane way to forcibly impregnate cows, separate them from their newborns, and subject them to a vicious cycle until they could barely stand. She hoped that the undercover investigations conducted by organizations like Animal Equality would awaken the world to the cruel reality behind every glass of milk, prompting a resounding demand for justice on behalf of these intelligent, emotional, and innocent animals.

“The cruelty unveiled in this investigation may be shocking, but it is not an anomaly in the global dairy industry, including right here in the United States,” shared Animal Equality’s President, Sharon Núñez. “It is now more critical than ever for consumers to be aware of who is truly behind dairy products and make responsible choices that protect animals.”

And so, the powerful tale of Animal Equality’s undercover investigation touched hearts, inspiring a wave of compassion and a commitment to change

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