MerkabaHealth: Bridging Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine for Holistic Healing and Diagnosis


Have you heard about merkaba / merkabah? 

Exciting news from the world of healthcare research! A recent study showcased how #Merkabahealth is reshaping the landscape of medicine and therapies. Here’s what you need to know:

– Understanding the Merkabah: At its core, the Merkabah is often described as a divine light vehicle. Historically, it’s been referenced as a chariot of ascension, allowing individuals to access higher realms and understanding. In the context of medicine, this concept emphasizes healing on both a physical and spiritual level.

– Why the #Merkabah Matters: By studying and integrating the principles of the Merkabah into healthcare, we are embracing a more holistic form of healing. It’s not just about treating the body, but aligning the mind, body, and spirit. This integration could lead to breakthroughs in how we perceive and approach health and wellness.

– Integration of Ancient Practices: Merkabahealth taps into age-old wisdom, reviving ancient techniques and blending them with modern-day practices.

– Technological Advancements: With AI-driven diagnostics, telemedicine, and personalized treatment plans.

Merkabahealth is at the cutting edge of innovation.

– Holistic Approaches: Beyond just treating symptoms, Merkabahealth’s approach addresses the root cause, providing a comprehensive healing experience.

The Merkabah’s deep spiritual significance combined with the latest in medical technology promises a transformative journey in healthcare. It’s exciting that we are living in the ERA, when the potential of a future is, where ancient wisdom meets modern science. So, we’re getting deep into this later!

What we know is that the DNA helix, front and center, suggests that personalized genetic testing will be paramount. Potential diagnoses could include predispositions to certain illnesses, genetic mutations, and even ancestry tracing. However, some of those exist but have no precisity, yet.

Can be the Environmental Health Factors identified? The integration of the plant leaf with the DNA helix indicates a focus on how environmental factors, like pollution or allergens, might affect our genetic expression. For instance, identifying if someone is more susceptible to airborne pollutants because of their genetic makeup.

We hear all day long about studies of Chemical and Nutritional Balance. Well, the flask at the base of the DNA structure can be interpreted as a representation of chemical and nutritional balance in the body. This might diagnose deficiencies, toxicities, or hormonal imbalances. (women 40+ or post-natal – hormonal issues)

We can have Digital Health Monitoring. The interactive screen details various data points, suggesting continuous health monitoring. This could track human, and why not animal vital signs, sleep patterns, mental health metrics, and many more. This real-time data collection would allow for early diagnosis of potential issues, from heart irregularities to stress-induced ailments, which can be potential diagnosis factors in mental health, too.

So, we need Holistic Approaches. The blend of biological symbols on the photo with technical icons indicates a comprehensive approach. Apart from traditional diagnostics, there could be many assessments of mental wellness, spiritual health, and emotional balance.

Another basic factor can be Virtual Connectivity.

The various symbols on the screen also hint at a world where telemedicine is standard. We have all heard about this, but we see no clear evidence that can be better, than an in-person diagnosis, so I would recommend both. This could lead to remote diagnoses, where doctors from any part of the globe could assist patients in real time, but still, human assistance is more provocative.

Now, we are at the point of all: AI and Predictive Analysis. This can have a precision and array of data points on the tablet suggesting the integration of AI. Artificial Intelligence could diagnose patterns and anomalies faster than humans, perhaps even predicting potential health issues before they manifest.

In conclusion, we can have all these together and all healing techniques can be added together.

Author comment: 

At The School of Naturopathy Hungary, we’ve learned that we need a deep anamnesis from more perspectives, to find out proper health issues, diagnosis, and even future problems, of course with the subject(human) genetic, medical, and lifestyle history, so it is never enough only 1 kind of diagnosis or just allopathic diagnosis. For ex. from Iris diagnosis and physical diagnosis and evaluation to nutrition, genetics, past life …

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