Today’s Energies and Earthing


How do we warm up and Earthing?

The cold season is a good reason to start Grounding yourself!

If it is cold outside, it would be good to warm up ourselves. If we look at energy consumption a little bit, in the winter season and in colder days, it would be advisable to deal more with “Earthing” or “Grounding”, meaning, Grounding and eating foods of this kind, eg. roots, and/or tubers, such as Potatoes. That’s why I think we should work a little for now on the chakras, No. 1 and 3 – The root Chakra and Solar Plexus.

Potato = Healthy Food for the Solar Plexus and Lower Chakra System

Potato contains starch, vitamin C, fiber, protein and a lot of potassium (K). We know very well that vitamin C plays an important role in the optimal functioning of the immune system as well as in the reduction of stress

(the latter by reducing stress hormone secretion)

Fibers, as we know, are very important in digestion, weight loss, and health in optimal heart health and function. For example, the consumption of a potato peel can be a safe way to add more fiber to your daily diet, because the bark contains more fiber. Potassium is an important electrolyte for keeping the balance of water and fluids in the cells of the body. If you like to go skiing you need more potassium. It also plays an important role in helping intercellular transport.

Earthing, as we know, must be something connected to Earth. A relationship with Mother Earth. So, why don’t you take this weekend as an opportunity to go out, or in the mountains or do some exercises outside, or winter sports?

Today, being date 7, as we know it very well from numerology, number 7 = a relationship with the Divinity / Self / Source, an opening to the Higher Self. Chakra 7 is “affected”. We can feel emotionally that today’s high-frequency energy flows through the crown chakra. For those who meditate or perceive life otherwise, and are often connected to the Higher Self, this happens instantly, but living in the third and also fourth dimensions (some people do already), even in these moments we need grounding, especially those who are more connected with the Universe.

The re-connection to Earth by walking barefoot, it’s not the only one way, we also can do that by connecting to Earth’s sources, such as water and the 5 elements.

I say “tirelessly” that “You are what you eat”, and how important is this, but not just eating, but the reception of the energies of planet Earth, the Universe, the environment, and our perception, where the thoughts and everything it really surrounds us. In this section, we place great emphasis on “eating” – the actual activity, when food enters through the mouth into our body. We cannot have a healthy body, but a non-healthy soul, or a “miserable” consciousness and vice versa. I know that many do not believe this, but if we do not transmute physically, this all seems to be only an aberration. We transmute and we change in every minute, every moment, we adopt both, physically and mentally.. There is no mental “health” and a pure heart, without a pure body, as it can no longer be done, considering the planetary and universal changes in recent years. In time, we adapt and re-calibrate to the new energies, which are more subtle, and at higher frequencies than ever. It is increasingly important with what we nourish our body in these times. For example, the simple “potato”, as a food, which is cheap, is full of fiber and after new studies have a higher potassium content than bananas, today, We will make the “Potato” be more used and understand as a grounding superfood. It is also important to use the colors of these lower chakras, as well as the Solar Plexus Center for a better distribution of energies. We can warm Our Center and the energies can flow all over, so it’s an easier Earthing. We should imagine the yellow, golden-yellow, orange colors of the Center and the flowing of these energies everywhere, or by grounding through the root Chakra. We can feel this way extraordinary, our Love to Mother Earth, and transmitting its Golden Light or Golden Flow. We can feed ourselves with “Golden Potatoes” as well, adding something yellow, gold, like turmeric, too. We can add a green color. Green helps more openness and can be added to any other color. There is plenty of food on Earth that helps us with the chakras and these energies. All these are connected.

The fact that was said in the past and in “traditional” concept, to be healthy means that you must eat balanced and be in balance was misunderstood.

Why? Because of this “balance”, I would say is coming from another perspective. Each of us has yin and yang, we all have low and higher energies, each of us is wearing darkness and light, but the best is to balance those energies through consciousness and by high energy food. Yes, that’s true that is it was a “base”, structured in the third dimension, a suggestion strictly to the “humanoid” beings, those wearing the “Rhesus” factor, and the concept that “having here a good life” means that we need to be in balance, and balance was something like “eating from everything a little bit, being food and/or energies, good and bad, too” In the meantime a lot happened, and “accidentally” happened transmutations, hybridizations, DNA evolutions etc. Through universal and multidimensional understanding this balance is perceived differently. If we think of the “traditional” balance, that would mean, for example, that our food must contain animal proteins etc. This means that those cultures who have 7000 years of generations behind, and they were on a vegetarian/vegan diet, they weren’t actually in balance?! I think this equilibrium is totally misunderstood. If we are in balance with ourselves, I do not think that in this balance we need to be fed by lower vibrations, or by the vibration of “sickness”, “misfortune”, “fear”.

Some, and I see this from the circle of “friends” – they are quoting all the time these concepts – but for me, all this is outdated (in a benevolent sense). Some parents, mothers, for example, straightening their babies, into what they “need to eat” in that “balance”, to have the baby everything “needs”, that is, I would call “meat – fear”, “lactose and milk protein – fear”, and lower energies, which are providing from the meat and dairy industries as well. First of all, how does a parent know, why do those babies need those products? They don’t know… They will know only when the kid will talk. Of course, there are some parents which are telepathically very well connected to their children, and of course, in these cases, there is no such problem. But those (first category) parents instigate their children and themselves with their outdated concepts, just because they “know”. How do they know, that these things are not just a product of the “system”, very well produced like a movie for mankind? I think those will give sooner or later a bad taste for some, from the crone clowns sank into the reality of low vibrations. If it were not like this, we would live in a world without fear, disease, and people wouldn’t complain every time about how bitter is their life.

We are now in a transition, and through this transition, Children of New Earth are continuously coming to Earth. These children CAN NOT connect instantly and instantaneously (although they might make some changes in the mother’s belly) with low energies, or even their families energies where they were born. Even if they have chosen to help their family, or to deal with something “unfinished” yet, most of them cannot digest low-energy foods, cannot digest the family’s “mourning” and cannot “digest” the energies and people who have assaulted them from birth. These children must be connected and “earthing” with calm, with the mother’s diet in the first stage, when they are babies, adequate with optimal nutrients and with the strengthening and opening gradually of their lower chakras because they are still connected with the higher chakras. They will find the balance, just like all of us in our Center, the Solar Plexus chakra, the Inner Sun that can shine as much as we WANT.

There are new times, it is a jolt, a transformation, that the commercial press does not want to talk about, yet. We are living now the Evolution of Human Consciousness, which is making an important “leap” to acquire and re-acquire the Connection and fusion with the High Self, not to become a more developed being, but to make this being a Light and Multidimensional Being. There is nothing Sci-Fi in this. This is NEW SCIENCE, which existed till now, but it was at the fingertips of some and very well misled in religions and cults – perhaps in all things – on Earth. Why NOW? Because we live NOW, just the NOW exists, and now all the energies will help. In non-linearity there is no time, there is no past and future, that is because we have created them again, but if we live in our NOW we can create any reality we want.


Let’s go with the Golden Potatoes.

I made on this day, a warm, inexpensive, light, but delicious soup. We know that the energy of food carries the energy of the man, that created it. I created it with my heart, and I merged with the other ingredients. This comes instantly to some and we do not think much, how to do this, because we had already released the INTENTION, before. If we create everything from the Heart, we cannot make jokes from anything on Earth – not the ecosystem, not the other beings, not our water. We cannot create a mess if we are creating from the heart consciously.

“Earth’s Energy” Soup – aid to the Solar Plexus

I’ve decided to spread those super foods (Chlorella, Spirulina, Shilajit and Maca Powder) on a piece of lightly toasted rice bread (gluten-free and yeast-free)



– 1 large yellow onion,

– Rice oil,

– Approximately 1.3-1.4 kg organic yellow potatoes,

– Green celery (Italian with leaves on it),

– Half of green pepper

– 3-4 leaf bay leaves,

– Organic turmeric

– Dried basil,

– Spring water,

– Himalayan salt to taste

– Lemon juice (about half a lemon) for the taste

You can have a light appetizer salad or beside the soup, from the ingredients left from the soup

– Half of green peppers,

– Celery green,

– Basil

– Lemon juice


You can also help by implementing Light Crystals, especially Crystal for grounding.

“This planet of free choice was designed and constructed with entities living on it that are pieces of God! It is the ONLY place in the Universe that is in “lesson” with CHOICE like this. ” (Kryon)



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