NSF Certification: Fuel Ox’s “Infinity Lube Super Spray” Deemed Safe for Food Facilities

Fuel Ox is proud to announce that its potent lubricant, Infinity Lube Super Spray, a revolutionary 100% plant-based metal treatment that serves as a penetrant, lubricant, cutting fluid, cleaner, conditioner, and metal surface protectant, has earned the prestigious National Sanitation Foundation Institute (NSF) certification as Food Grade H-1. This certification signifies that it is safe for use in facilities that handle food products.

“We take immense pride in receiving this certification,” said Rand Taylor, CEO of Fuel Ox. “It dispels the misconception that plant-based industrial products are less effective. Our Infinity Lube Super Spray has undergone rigorous testing against a variety of competitive products, outperforming traditional toxic petroleum-based sprays by up to 10 times. It excels in applications that others cannot even approach and reduces toxicity by 100%. Now, with NSF certification, it truly stands out as one-of-a-kind.”

Fuel Ox’s Infinity Lube Super Spray is designed for use on any commercial or residential external mechanical system or metal surface that requires a lubricant, cleaner, degreaser, surface protectant, or cutting fluid. Fuel Ox’s proven plant-based products also contribute to reducing environmental toxins, which are typically emitted by competing petrochemical products. Infinity Lubes are highly concentrated and potent, resulting in reduced need for replacement parts, lower energy consumption for machinery operation, and a safer work environment for all.

Taylor also mentioned, “We have several more remarkable products like this in development, and we’re eager to introduce them.”

Infinity Lube™ Super Spray is an advanced lubricant that not only cleans and conditions but also enhances the hardness of the metal compared to its original state. This leads to reduced wear, decreased corrosion, and improved protection for metal surfaces. Infinity Lube™ Super Spray incorporates a blend of bio-based elements and essential plant-based oils, infused with the exclusive HDI-2500 concentrate technology. This technology elevates Infinity Lube™ Super Spray to the highest echelons of superior lubrication and corrosion resistance. It can be used on all exposed machinery and metal components to minimize friction, clean, degrease, protect, or release rusted or corroded nuts, bolts, and metal parts, such as forklifts, chains, cables, moving metal components, metal tracks, and more.

Fuel Ox® is an international corporation committed to providing fuel consumers with cutting-edge fuel treatments and lubricants while assisting them in reducing their environmental footprint through bio-based, eco-friendly, and nearly toxin-free products. Registered as Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) and headquartered in Asbury, NJ, Fuel Ox manufactures fuel additives and lubricants designed to enhance fuel efficiency, extend the operational life and performance of industrial equipment, while lowering maintenance expenses, equipment downtime, emissions, and pollutants. Its flagship products include Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst and Infinity Lube™.

Visit www.fuelox.com  for more information.

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