Aroma360 Unleashes a Scenting Revolution with the Debut of Patented Aroma360 Wireless Pro™

Aroma360, a leading force in the scent marketing industry for nearly a decade, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the Aroma360 Wireless Pro (Patent Pending). This remarkable product is set to redefine the way we perceive ambiance and luxury, offering an unparalleled scenting experience that combines convenience with elegance.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Benzion AboudAroma360 has scaled into a $250 million-dollar business with over 2 million current customers, capturing the hearts of celebrities like Dwane WadeDr. DreNick JonasWinnie HarlowSean “P. Diddy” Combs, Rick RossBrooks NaderDaymond JohnCynthia BaileyKyle Richards, and Lisa Hochstein, among others.

Aroma360 has been at the forefront of the scent marketing industry, firmly establishing itself as a leader in the market with a selection of innovative scenting devices for commercial or home spaces. Now, with the introduction of the Aroma360 Perfume and Body Collection, the brand is poised to extend its success into the realm of personal luxury fragrances.

With a client roster that includes prestigious names like FerrariCiprianiW South BeachBorgata Hotel and CasinoAtlantis Paradise IslandRitz-Carlton, and more, Aroma360 has a proven track record of designing custom scents that bring a brand’s unique image to life.

The Aroma360 Wireless Pro is a game-changer in the scenting industry, offering key features that set it apart:

  • Silent Scenting: This device operates silently, creating a tranquil scented environment without any noisy distractions.
  • Portability: Free from cords and outlets, the Wireless Pro, effortlessly infuses luxury scents wherever you go. Whether on a trip, moving between rooms, or exploring the great outdoors, it transforms any space with scent.
  • Safety: Equipped with state-of-the-art heatless and waterless atomizer technology, it’s safe for pets and children, leaving no residue behind.
  • Scents Up To 20% More: Cutting-edge technology ensures up to 20% more scent coverage with your chosen fragrance.

Dedicated to luxury scenting, Aroma360 has secured a patent for the Wireless Pro, ensuring that its innovative features remain unmatched in the market. This patent represents Aroma360‘s commitment to research, development, and elevating the customer experience. With its patent-pending status, it stands as a testament to Aroma360‘s dedication to providing unique and high-quality scenting solutions.

Aroma360 is widely known for featuring different luxury scenting devices that match the square footage of the client’s home or business – offering standalone scenting and HVAC installation. The ultimate Aroma360 experience delivers pure luxury fragrance via innovative cold-air diffusion technology that is child and pet safe, and cruelty-free. All Aroma360 scents adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry, producing Paraben-free, vegan, phthalate-free, petroleum-free, and carcinogen-free scents as defined by the National Toxicology Department (NTP), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA).

Most recently, Aroma360 celebrated the highly anticipated launch of the Aroma360 Perfume and Body Collection, joining newly announced brand ambassador, supermodel and entrepreneur Winnie Harlow. The exclusive event marked the introduction of the five opulent, genderless fragrances. Each fragrance in the new collection is named after a color – Blue, Red, Purple, Green, and Black – and exudes its own sensual and lavish personality. These exquisite personal fragrance scents are not limited to just body products; they are also available in diffuser oils, perfect for use with Aroma360‘s collection of home scenting diffusers. The blend of the most exquisite ingredients creates truly unique fragrances that are ideal for the most discerning consumers, whether worn on the body or diffused throughout their living spaces.

Looking toward the future, Aroma360 envisions a path of continued growth and innovation, shaping the fragrance industry with groundbreaking advancements. With exciting announcements in the near future, the brand remains committed to pushing the boundaries of scent marketing and delivering exceptional olfactory experiences that resonate globally.

For more information about Aroma360 and its revolutionary Aroma360 Wireless Pro™, please visit

About Aroma360

A leading force in the scent marketing industry for nearly a decade, Aroma360‘s specialty lies in enhancing a company’s overall branding aesthetic and customer experience through scent branding and strong, strategic marketing campaigns. The brand’s unique scenting solutions have been met with high acclaim, boasting clients like FerrariCiprianiW South BeachBorgata Hotel and CasinoAtlantis Paradise IslandRitz-Carlton, and many more. Having designed custom scents for such a high caliber clientele, Aroma360 understands how to bring to life a brand’s unique image through scent. Aroma360 scenting specialists have hundreds of clients that span over 22 countries, and have designed over 90 signature scents customized to fulfill each brands unique image and goals including: Lexus®Marriott’s®Four Seasons®, and Ferrari®. For additional information, visit:

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Gabi Rodriguez
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SOURCE: Aroma360


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