GYMetaverse’s HKD 100 Million Investment Transforms Health Management with Live4Well: NFT Membership and Sweat-to-Earn Incentives

GYMetaverse, a pioneering Web3.0 wellness company headquartered in Hong Kong, has announced a groundbreaking investment of HKD 100 million to expand its revolutionary web3 health management platform, Live4Well. Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, Live4Well offers users secure, decentralized, traceable, and manageable self-health management services. The introduction of the VIV Pass (NFT membership) provides users with exclusive access to over 200 premier fitness centers across Hong Kong, complemented by enticing Sweat and Earn incentives designed to motivate individuals to achieve their fitness goals like never before. With this substantial investment, GYMetaverse aims to redefine the landscape of health management, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being through a seamless digital experience.

Unleash a World of Fitness with the VIV Pass: Effortless Access to Premier Gyms Across Hong Kong

In October, the platform will launch an NFT membership pass known as the “VIV Pass,” along with its accompanying mobile application. Leveraging the power of NFT membership, users gain access to a network of top-tier gym facilities spanning all corners of Hong Kong. Moreover, the Sweat and Earn incentives offer users the unique opportunity to earn rewards and benefits by simply engaging in their fitness routines. Key features include:

1. **ANYWHERE**:

Users can enjoy seamless access to a network of over 200 fitness centers across Hong Kong using the VIV Pass through Live4Well’s partnerships. These participating fitness centers are located in all 18 districts of Hong Kong, including well-known establishments such as Anytime Fitness, 24/7 Fitness, FIT24 Hong Kong, EMS Fitness Hong Kong, Inspire Yoga, and many more.

2. **ANYTIME**:

The mobile application combines artificial intelligence (AI) and motion capture technology to accurately measure human body movements, helping users improve their exercise posture. Users can engage in physical training anytime and anywhere, as if they have a 24/7 personal fitness coach by their side.

3. **Sweat and Earn**:

Users have the opportunity to earn digital currency called Sweat Coins through exercise, embodying the concept of “Sweat and Earn.” Sweat Coins can be used to redeem rewards, participate in sports courses and professional lectures, and even exchange for the digital token (L4W), allowing users to explore the Web3 ecosystem through real-world applications.

The Era of “Health 3.0:

Live4Well and GYMetaverse’s Vision for a Holistic Approach to Health”

GYMetaverse’s Live4Well platform is at the forefront of transforming the concept of health through its innovative “Health 3.0” approach. The evolution of healthcare has progressed from the prescriptive Health 1.0 era, where companies and health organizations provided general wellness guidelines, to the interactive Health 2.0 era, offering personalized consultations. Now, we are entering the era of Health 3.0, a future of wellness where users are empowered to drive their health choices. In this new phase, individuals are not mere recipients but active participants, empowered with the freedom to shape their health journeys. This shift makes healthcare more personalized and effective.

From Sportswear to Health Management: GYMetaverse’s Evolution and the Live4Well Platform

Since its establishment in 2022, GYMetaverse has undergone significant growth. In 2017, the company’s investors completed a full acquisition of the renowned German sports brand, Gym Aesthetics (GA). This strategic move expanded their horizons beyond sportswear sales, venturing into the sports and technology industries. Gym Aesthetics made strategic investments in projects under Animoca Brands and collaborated with key figures in the sports world, including four-time Muay Thai world champion Alain Ngalani and Spanish fitness model Sergi Constance, who boasts over 6 million Instagram followers.

Over the past six years, Gym Aesthetics has closely collaborated with more than 100 fitness coaches to organize successful online and offline fitness events, building expertise and fostering a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts. Now, GYMetaverse embarks on an exciting new chapter, leveraging its resources to create a user-driven health management platform enriched with web3 elements.

To realize this transformative vision, GYMetaverse has committed a substantial HKD 100 million investment in the development of the Live4Well platform. This significant investment underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to creating a flagship web3 project that revolutionizes health management for the people of Hong Kong. By harnessing its extensive industry experience and strategic collaborations, GYMetaverse is poised to reshape the future of health and fitness, establishing a transformative ecosystem that empowers individuals to thrive in the era of “Health 3.0.

About Live4Well

Live4Well is a Web3.0 health management platform that integrates virtual reality to introduce a new economic model into the fitness industry. Users can earn Sweat Coins through high-precision exercise on the platform, which can be redeemed for physical gifts, fitness courses, or even digital currency (L4W).

The platform also offers a VIV PASS, serving as both a pass for accessing multiple gyms and studios across 18 districts in Hong Kong and a tool for measuring users’ body movements to enhance their exercise posture. The VIV PASS comes with a mobile app that combines blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and motion capture technology, providing users with a 24-hour fitness coach. Users can calculate their sweat capacity in exchange for more rewards and benefits, enjoying the freedom to work out regardless of location.

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