Revolutionary SILK Procedure for Myopia Correction Unveiled by Johnson & Johnson Vision through ELITA™ Platform at ESCRS Congress!

Introducing the Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction: Instant Results and Swift Recovery

London, August 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Johnson & Johnson Vision*, a global frontrunner in eye health and an integral part of Johnson & Johnson MedTechi, is set to unveil a groundbreaking solution for laser vision correction known as the ELITATM Platform at the 41st European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) congress taking place from September 8th to 12th, 2023. This event will also be a platform to present a diverse array of pioneering data, with Johnson & Johnson Vision endorsing over 30 abstracts for presentation.

At the core of the ELITATM Platform lies the capability to provide refractive correction for myopia, with or without astigmatism, via the innovative SILK (Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis) procedure. The ELITATM Platform boasts an ultra-precise laser pulse and a rapid laser delivery mechanism, ensuring a consistently smooth and effortless removal of the lenticular tissue, which in turn offers remarkable vision correction with outcomes evident as soon as the next day1,2,3.

The SILK technique is designed to swiftly and minimally address myopia. Employing the exacting ELITATM Femtosecond Laser, delicate laser pulses are harnessed to create a minute disc-shaped tissue segment, known as a lenticule, within the numbed cornea. This lenticule is subsequently extracted through a microscopic incision, leading to a seamless restructuring of the cornea and impeccable visual enhancement1,2.

The fusion of advanced technologies within the ELITATM Platform empowers surgeons to effortlessly and precisely execute the SILK procedure, culminating in rapid patient recoveries and results apparent the very next day1,2.

The platform is characterized by:

– The Ultra-Precise Pulse, guaranteeing superior quality treatment of corneal tissue1
– The Ultra-Fast Delivery System, enabling contiguous placement of laser pulses for an exceptionally smooth tissue surface
– The Sub-Micron Digital-Encoder Controlled Scanning System, ensuring high-precision pulse placement and superior optical performance across the entire treatment area1
– The industry-first biconvex lenticule, designed to augment vision quality by reducing corneal nerve damage and encouraging swift regeneration for a healthy ocular surface

“We are thrilled to introduce the ELITATM Platform at this year’s ESCRS and to showcase our comprehensive range of ophthalmic innovations to our surgical partners,” expressed Jacqueline Henderson, President, EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “With our legacy of innovation, we take pride in providing surgeons and their patients with equipment and IOLs that cater to eye health requirements across their lifetimes.”

Visitors to the Johnson & Johnson Vision ESCRS Booth (#B202) will have the chance to partake in live demonstrations of the ELITATM Femtosecond Laser and other leading Johnson & Johnson Vision products. Additional attractions include participation in the Toric VR Simulator experience, dry labs, and expert sessions at the booth and within the Johnson & Johnson Vision Lighthouse.

Key Scientific Abstracts Backed by Johnson & Johnson Vision

The event, hosted this year at Vienna’s Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre, will showcase more than 30 scientific communications stemming from both Johnson & Johnson Vision-sponsored studies and investigator-initiated studies (IIS). Some of these include:

ELITATM Femtosecond Laser

– Epithelial Corneal Nerves and Stromal Wound Healing Post Lenticular Extraction Using New Femtosecond Laser
– Evaluation Ease of Lenticule Removal and Visual Outcomes After a Lenticule Procedure with ELITATM Femtosecond Laser Platform

TECNIS Eyhance® Intraocular Lens

– Performance Comparative of Monofocal IOL with Enhanced Features for Intermediate Vision to Current Standard Monofocal Lens
– A Scoping Review On The Placement Of Enhanced Monofocal Between Conventional And Extended Depth Of Focus Intraocular Lenses

TECNIS Synergy® Intraocular Lens

– Safety And Efficacy Outcomes With A New Continuous-Range-Of-Vision Intraocular Lens

TECNIS Synergy® Toric II Intraocular Lens

– 6 Month Follow Up Comparison Of Rotational Stability Between Zeiss At Lisa 939 And Synergy Toric II For Correction Of Anisometropia With Astigmatism And Presbyopia
– Refractive Results After Cataract Surgery And Implantation Of A Trifocal Intraocular Lens – Model DFW-375 Tecnis Synergy Toric

TECNIS Symfony® and TECNIS Symfony® OptiBlue Intraocular Lenses

– Impact of Violet Light Filtration and High-Resolution Lathing on the Clinical Performance of a Diffractive Extended Depth of Focus IOL

A full list is available at:

Dedicated Representation and Educational Initiatives

Johnson & Johnson Vision’s presence at ESCRS 2023 will extend beyond showcasing innovations. Jacqueline Henderson, President EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Vision, will engage in the European industry leadership roundtable on visions for the next five years. Raj Rajpal, Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson Vision, will participate in the Managing presbyopia from early stage to cataracts panel discussion, and Xiao Yu Song, Global Head of R&D, Johnson & Johnson Vision, will delve into the topic of Myopia: The Next Pandemic. Tobin Island, Senior Director, Laser and Software, Johnson & Johnson Vision, will explore the resurgence of refractive surgery: lenticule extraction and phakic IOLs.

Fostering Education and Interactivity

Johnson & Johnson Vision is curating a series of educational and interactive sessions aimed at sparking dialogues and offering an opportunity to share, discuss, and learn from leading authorities in the ophthalmology field. These include:

– EuroTimes Satellite Symposium – SILK: Redefining Technology Innovation with the New Elite in Laser Refractive Surgery. Room Strauss 3. September 9th, 13:00-14:00
– IME Symposia – Clarifying Common Misunderstandings with Refractive IOL Procedures. Room A3. September 9th, 16:30-17:30
– IME Symposia – Shaping the Future of Refractive Surgery: Lenticle Extraction, Phakic IOLs, and Beyond. Room A3. September 10th, 09:30-10:30
– EuroTimes Satellite Symposia – Rediscovering Pure Vision in Intermediate Contrast. Room A4. September 10th, 13:00-14:00

Sustainable Initiatives at ESCRS

Following Johnson & Johnson Vision’s acknowledgment at the 2022 ESCRS congress for its sustainability endeavors, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing key issues that impact us all. Initiatives at the booth will include:

– Up to 90% of the Booth constructed from recycled or recyclable materials, with 90% of these materials set to be repurposed after the event
– Offsetting 100% of CO2 emissions stemming from booth electricity consumption
– Provision of locally sourced vegan food, procured within a 30km radius of the congress centre

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