Vice Health and Wellness Enters Letter of Intent to Propel Scientific Technological Solutions for Weight Loss and Obesity

Vice Health and Wellness Inc. (CSE: VICE) (FSE: Z24) (OTC Pink: VICFF) has officially entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) in collaboration with Biologic Pharmamedical Research Ltd., signaling their mutual dedication to advancing scientific technological solutions in the realm of weight loss and obesity. The LOI sets the stage for a collaborative effort in research and development of innovative products aimed at revolutionizing health categories through science-backed nutraceutical technology. This preliminary agreement is expected to lead to a comprehensive agreement detailing the specific terms and responsibilities of both Vice Health and Wellness and Biologic Pharmamedical. Throughout the LOI period, Vice Health and Wellness has agreed to cover specific expenses not exceeding $10,000.

Biologic Pharmamedical Research, an authority in pharmacology and natural therapeutic agents, will play a key role in understanding the pharmacology of these agents at the proteomic and genomic level, enhancing the potential for advancements. Vice Health and Wellness, on the other hand, aims to enhance the lives of consumers by offering effective health products targeting weight loss and obesity.

At the core of this partnership lies THERMOGALLATE™, a patent-pending technology exclusively owned by Biologic. This groundbreaking technology facilitates efficient fat metabolism and energy production through innovative means. Unlike conventional keto products, THERMOGALLATE™ taps into the body’s natural fat stores to induce ketogenesis, promoting sustainable weight management and improved cognitive function. This technology activates Brown Adipose Fat (BAT) and Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL), initiating a sequence that enhances fat burning and release for fuel. This innovative process generates heat and energy, reducing reliance on physical exercise alone.

Key benefits of THERMOGALLATE™ include:

– Activation of Brown Adipose Fat (BAT): Boosts efficient fat burning.
– Initiation of Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) Activity: Breaks down and mobilizes fat for energy.
– Induction of Ketogenesis: Provides an alternative brain fuel source during low-calorie intake.
– Enhanced Energy and Cognitive Performance: Elevates energy levels, creativity, and cognitive function.
– Reduced Hunger Cravings and Dietary Control: Supports appetite management and dietary adherence.

The partnership aims to create products with THERMOGALLATE™ that contribute to improved lean body mass to fat mass ratios. This begins with the research and development of a gummy version. Biologic Pharmamedical will explore the creation of a gummy version of the Brown Adipose Tissue activator, offering consumers an enjoyable way to experience its potential health benefits. The company will also explore additional applications of THERMOGALLATE™ in consumer health products.

Biologic Pharmamedical will provide scientific support for marketing these Nutraceutical Technology products, including relevant research findings to substantiate health claims. Moreover, the company will assist Vice Health and Wellness in organizing digital seminars or speaking engagements to disseminate vital product information.

Additionally, Vice Health and Wellness supplements will incorporate Glyvia™, a patented and Health Canada approved natural product. Glyvia™ presents a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetness that emulates sugar’s flavor without the bitter aftertaste often associated with alternative sweeteners like stevia. This proprietary complex enhances mouthfeel, sweetness, and sweet/sour balance, delivering a delightful sensory experience.

Maciej Lis, CEO of Vice, commented, “The collaboration between Biologic Pharmamedical Research and Vice holds tremendous potential and aligns with our shared goals of promoting health and wellness to help consumers achieve the pursuit of optimal wellness. We are excited about the possibilities and eagerly look forward to further discussions and negotiations to formalize this partnership.”

Franco Cavaleri BSc PhDc, Founder and CEO of Biologic, added, “We’re thrilled to partner with Vice’s like-minded team to tackle weight loss and obesity through our advanced technologies led by THERMOGALLATE™. This patented technology, dubbed the ‘Natural GLP1 agonist and Brown Fat Thermogenic inducer,’ aims to regulate blood glucose and activate fat metabolism, leading to spontaneous weight management and increased energy by revitalizing the body’s natural fat-utilizing systems.

About Biologic Pharmamedical Research:
Biologic Pharmamedical Research focuses on cutting-edge research and development in the health and wellness industry, aiming to engineer more reliable and effective outcomes for consumers by mapping the pharmacology of natural therapeutic agents.

About Vice Health and Wellness Inc.:
Vice Health and Wellness Inc. is a publicly traded company dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyle choices. Their product range empowers consumers to enhance their mental and physical well-being. With a focus on weight loss and AI-powered health and wellness applications, Vice Health and Wellness aims to provide individuals with personalized recommendations and transformative solutions. Through innovative applications, the company intends to offer a multitude of treatment benefits, helping users achieve optimal health.

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Forward Looking Statements:
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