Dutch Boy® Paints Unveils One-Coat Color Trend Forecast for 2024

Consumers are reevaluating their daily routines, prioritizing practices that enhance their well-being. Concepts like self-care, meditation, and healing have gained prominence, reshaping the idea of home into a sanctuary for wellness. Responding to this desire for consistency and comfort in living spaces, Dutch Boy® Paints introduces its 2024 Color Trend Forecast, centered around the One-Coat Color of the Year: Ironside. This deep olive hue with dark undertones exudes a sense of refined comfort.

Ashley Banbury, NCIDQ and Color Marketing Manager at Dutch Boy® Paints, emphasizes the significance of incorporating wellness into everyday life. The trend towards natural, healthy living and safe environments is a defining aspect of the present landscape. The 2024 One-Coat Color of the Year, Ironside, embodies all these elements in a single bold shade that requires just one coat for application.

Ironside’s essence is rooted in comfort, crafting an atmosphere of elegance and charm. With a growing appreciation for darker tones in residential settings, this versatile deep olive shade complements both expansive open spaces and cozy enclosed corners, emanating well-being from every angle.

Dutch Boy® Paints’ 2024 Color of the Year, Ironside, along with the hues in the accompanying 2024 color palettes, boast one-coat hide properties, catering to DIY enthusiasts. These tested one-coat colors offer exceptional coverage in a single application, streamlining the process to achieve a beautifully polished result in three simple steps: selecting a preferred one-coat trend color, pairing it with Dutch Boy® premium paint and Purdy applicators, and confidently applying it using the recommended technique.

Ironside (422-7DB) serves as the cornerstone for three distinct color palettes, collectively forming the ‘ 2024 One-Coat Color Trend Forecast. These palettes build upon Ironside’s rich olive tones to deliver a multi-faceted aesthetic that’s both comforting and straightforward, while embracing diverse design preferences:

1. Embrace Palette: Catering to the need for relaxation and self-care, this palette elevates spaces into havens of well-being. Serene shades like Antique White (011W), Whale’s Tail (430-6DB), and Heritage Brown (411-7DB) create a retreat for rejuvenation.

2. Retreat Palette: Reflecting the desire for simplicity and presence, the Retreat palette fosters an environment of exploration and personal time. Ironside, combined with Sanded Grout (412-4DB), Wild Orange (310-4DB), and Antiquated Olive (424-6DB), evokes cleanliness and warmth.

3. Inspire Palette: Celebrating personal expression and creativity, this palette encourages bold use of patterns, colors, and curated spaces. Vibrant shades like Ultra White (002W), Pineapple Flan (214-3DB), and Strawberry Shade (302-6DB) empower self-inspired trends and surroundings.

Michelle Bangs, Senior Brand Manager at Dutch Boy® Paints, highlights the forecast’s resonance with homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and those with distinct color preferences. The approach prioritizes comfort, restoration, and a connection to nature, harmoniously enhancing homes. These adaptable color palettes offer customization to suit individual style and preferences.

For added convenience, Dutch Boy’s 2024 trend colors are available in the brand’s award-winning Twist & Pour® container—a user-friendly, easy-to-open, hold, and pour container exclusively at Menards. Visit https://trends.dutchboy.com/ or Menards retail locations to explore the comprehensive Dutch Boy® Paints’ 2024 Color Trend Forecast.

About Dutch Boy® Group:
Since its establishment in 1907, Dutch Boy® Paints has maintained its role as a pioneering force in delivering innovative, high-quality products and packaging solutions. With over a century of recognition, the brand remains synonymous with excellence. Recent years have injected vitality, youthfulness, and a commitment to Simple Solutions into the brand’s identity, inspiring DIY enthusiasts and paint aficionados. Learn more at dutchboy.com.

About Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group:
The Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group offers innovative solutions to fulfill customers’ painting and coating needs. Under renowned brands such as Valspar®, HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy®, Purdy®, Krylon®, Minwax®, Thompson’s® WaterSeal®, Cabot®, Dupli-Color®, and others, the group manufactures a diverse range of products. Established in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company holds a global leadership position in paints, coatings, and related products, catering to professional, industrial, commercial, and retail customers. Learn more at www.Sherwin-Williams.com.

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