Lee Gardens Presents Its Delightful Christmas Surprises with Festive Lighting and Exclusive Offers


“Santa Claus is coming to town!” and everyone in the city is getting prepared for Christmas. To celebrate the most exciting festival of the year with all visitors, Lee Gardens, an all-round shopping experience consisting of diversely positioned malls, proudly presents a series of Christmas activities and distinctive rewards which include romantic Christmas lighting, KIDsmas rewards campaign consisting of “Hello! Santa” event and Christmas Thread Winding Drawing Workshop, exclusive Christmas offers of popular international brands as well as the “Cross-Mall Digital Shopping Rewards” and Jimmy Liao limited edition tote bag. Besides, Lee Gardens is proud to make positive contributions to the communities we serve. This Christmas, Lee Gardens has specially collaborated with the charity organization “A Drop of Life” to launch a customer-engaged donation project called “The Spread of Christmas Love” to share love and joy to the world.

Romantic Christmas lighting for couples to take impressive festive photos

There are various beautiful lighting decorations at Lee Garden One, Lee Garden Two and Yung Ping Road, creating a “Christmas Glam” mood. Christmas lighting at the centre of Lee Gardens along Yun Ping Road is the core part of all of the connected Christmas lighting areas. Thousands of colourful vintage light bulbs and glittering green leaves shine brightly under the silent night to create a romantic scenery for couples to take photos.

Numerous snowflakes “float” down above Hysan Avenue, Lee Garden One. Reaching the balcony of Lee Garden Three, layers of snowflakes brighten the lively Causeway Bay area with vistas of romantic winter. Also, the snowy lighting effects will feature a 6-minute gorgeous lighting show in front of Lee Garden One every half an hour from 5:30pm to 11pm each night during the Christmas promotion. The lighting effects are a special treat for couples and families.

Also, the 20th Anniversary of Jimmy Liao’s Exhibition has been launched in Hysan Place. Lee Gardens is set to fascinate shoppers with beautiful lighting and Jimmy Liao decorations located across the entire Lee Gardens area. These festive decorations make Lee Gardens the perfect location to take stunning photos, whilst a wide variety of merchants and glamorous lighting provide shoppers with a diversified Christmas shopping experience, so everyone can enjoy their festive moments in different ways.

DIY a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree for your home in the Christmas Thread Winding Drawing Workshop

Besides the decorations, Lee Gardens fulfils your Christmas wishes by organizing a special workshop. Lee Garden Two and Three have curated a multitude of kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands where shoppers can purchase suitable Christmas gifts for their kids. Those who spend a designated amount can get an entry pass to the Christmas Thread Winding Drawing Workshop, where professional craftsmen will teach you how to create a one-of-a-kind mini thread-winding artwork. From now to 23 December, shoppers who spend HK$800 or above at kids’ fashion and lifestyle shops at Lee Garden Two and Three by electronic payment (on a single original machine-printed receipt) can redeem an entry pass to join the workshop to be held on 15, 16, 22 or 23 December. Entry passes are limited and the redemption is on a first-come-first-served basis. For those who would like to enjoy family time with the kids in the workshop, please act now and don’t miss this great Christmas opportunity!

Say “Hello! Santa” and welcome the warmest of Christmases

A perfect Christmas needs beautiful lighting, a Christmas tree and also… Santa Claus himself! For the wonderment of all, Lee Gardens has invited Santa to visit Lee Gardens three times a day, on 15, 16 and 22 to 26 December at Lee Garden One, Lee Garden Two and Hysan Place. Redeem a ticket for the “Hello! Santa” greeting session upon purchase of HK$500 or above at kids’ fashion and lifestyle shops at Lee Garden Two and Lee Garden Three by electronic payment (on a single original machine-printed receipt). Participants are welcome to interact with Santa and take photos with him. Santa Claus has prepared a special Christmas gift for every guest as a souvenir for the unforgettable moment.

Lee Gardens is partnering “A Drop of Life” to promote the donation project “Spread the Christmas Love” sending Christmas blessings to the needy with the help of all customers

For the occasion of Christmas, Lee Gardens would like to send blessings to people in need, and has formed a partnership with the non-government organization “A Drop of Life” in co-organizing a donation project named “Spread the Christmas Love”. Shoppers who spend a designated amount of HK$500 or above in kids’ fashion and lifestyle shops at Lee Garden Two and Lee Garden Three (on a single original machine-printed receipt) can redeem a carefully designed Christmas Snowflake Ornament Set. For every redeemed Christmas Snowflake Ornament Set, Lee Gardens will donate HK$50 to “A Drop of Life” to construct water purifying facilities in poor and arid areas. Furthermore, when visitors upload pictures capturing festive lighting or Santa Claus at Lee Gardens to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #leegardenshk and #LGdropoflife, Lee Gardens will donate an additional HK$50 to “A Drop of Life” for every post to bring clean water to people suffering in challenging living environments. Through this charitable project, Lee Gardens together with customers will contribute to improving the quality of life of the needy during Christmas, spreading support, love and warmth to the world.Lee Gardens introduces brand new “Cross-Mall Digital Shopping Rewards” and a range of popular brands provide Christmas exclusive offers at the best value

Being connected to the heartbeat of Causeway Bay, Lee Gardens is an all-round shopping experience consisting of diversely positioned malls. Multiple shopping choices will appeal to a wide variety of shoppers and personal tastes. The entire Lee Gardens shopping area is the perfect choice for shopping and gift selection this Christmas. To celebrate the most exciting time of the year with shoppers and provide the most enjoyable shopping experience, Lee Gardens has collaborated with a range of popular merchants to jointly present the hottest time-limited promotions. Supporting merchants include 2XU, ALLURESSORIES, BoConcept, Brickland, Champion, ENOTECA, Ferrari Store Junior, Her own words, Herschel, KitchenAid, La Maison du Chocolat, Links of London, Mothercare, Pacific Coffee, Petit Bateau, Reserva Iberica Tapas Bar & Cafe, Rolex and Tudor Boutique, Rue Madame, TSE and U Banquet.

Download Lee Gardens’ exclusive mobile App “Lee Garden Plus” and join the membership club for free to enjoy the Christmas time-limited offers.

As part of its effort to optimising customers’ shopping experiences, Lee Gardens has proactively developed the “cross-mall” exclusive mobile App “Lee Garden Plus” and its membership programme. For Christmas, Lee Gardens has launched the brand-new “Cross-mall Digital Shopping Rewards” (applicable to designated merchants). Traditional paper coupons are replaced by electronic gift certificates. From now to 25 December 2018, shoppers who spend a designated amount of HK$3,000 or above at Lee Gardens by electronic payment (on a maximum of 2 original machine-printed receipts) can redeem electronic gift certificates of various values via the “Lee Garden Plus” mobile app without worrying about losing or damaging coupons. It’s all part of the carefree shopping experience at Lee Gardens.

In addition, a set of three Jimmy Liao limited edition tote bags are available for redemption with a designated amount of spending in Lee Gardens area.

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