Ping An Good Doctor at World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018


Ping An Good Doctor Participates in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 to Demonstrate “AI + Health” Innovation

China’s leading one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Good Doctor (the “Company”, stock code: 1833.HK), today showed its AI medical devices and technology at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2018, including “One-minute Clinics”, AI-assisted medical system and Smart Earphone, drawing attention of the participating professionals and audience.

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2018 is one of the largest and highest-profile exhibitions in the artificial intelligence industry, jointly organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Cyberspace Administration of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Themed on “A New Era Empowered By Artificial Intelligence”, the Conference explores the wide application of artificial intelligence in various industry sectors and social services. Ping An Good Doctor, Google, Tencent and other enterprises were invited to participate as representatives in the field of deep integration of artificial intelligence and medical health.

Demonstrate Four Innovations of “AI + Health”

At Ping An Good Doctor’s “AI + Health” experience zone, a smart wristband can identify the human’s pulse, which attracted a lot of attentions and experiencers. Experiencers only need to lay down their hand into the wristband and the test would be activated. The smart wristband, smart pulse-taking device, is an important part of Ping An Good Doctor’s Modern Physician Hua Tuo”. Its tested results and the statistics are automatically sent to the user’s mobile phone and the online doctor from Ping An Good Doctor, to support the consultation by traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) doctors.

Apart from this, Ping An Good Doctor also demonstrates other achievements in smart healthcare including the smart medicine cabinets of “One-minute Clinics” and “AI-assisted Medical Consultation Capability”, as well as the smart Bluetooth earphone products that could protect hearing at the scene. The Company applies medical big data and AI technology to scenarios including health centers, pharmacies, families and offices, so as to provide the service of “cure + medicine + healthcare management” to the common people.

Besides, “One-minute Clinics” connects with Ping An Good Doctor’s online medical consultation capability, as well as its medical professional team and big data with AI in the backstage. Patients only need to stay in the approximately 1 sq.m., and then they could obtain the medical consultations, recovery guidelines and medicine recommendations through symptoms description via voice messages and graphics. This significantly reduces the time for the consultation of common illnesses. After the consultation, patients could also purchase the medicine from the smart medicine cabinets nearby if needed. It truly achieves the one-stop consultation progress of “AI preliminary consultation, online consultation and purchase of medicine”.

By using intelligent speech, semantics analysis and big data technology, Ping An Good Doctor’s AI-assisted medical system has accepted more than 300 million online medical and health consultation, which will be well and safely applied to online medical consultation and thus increase the efficiency of doctors’ consultations by more than 5 times, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of online consultation. As at the end of June 2018, Ping An Good Doctor had applied for a total of 26 patents for its AI research and development.

The Smart Earphone is a smart hearing-protection product developed by the Company and authoritative institutions in acoustics. By connecting the earphone to the user’s mobile phone and taking the hearing ability test, the results are saved and further analyzed by the advanced hearing ability algorithm behind the scenes, and thus obtaining the parametric curve of the hearing ability. The sound effect is then adjusted to suit the hearing ability of the user according to the parameters, as well as forming a medical hearing protection for the user.

Building “AI family TCM doctor” to Become a Must-have

With the aging of the population, the increase of the incidence of chronic diseases, and the growing awareness of residents’ health and wellness, the diagnosis and treatment of TCM industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, the integration of “AI + Medical” is mainly concentrated in the field of Western medicine, with a lack of breakthroughs in the TCM field.

In order to use AI to standardize and improve intelligence of TCM, and realize the “concurrent treatment” of AI Chinese and Western medicine, Ping An doctor launched the “Modern Physician Hua Tuo Plan” in 2017, corresponding to the “Wang Wen Wen Qie” of the Chinese medicine consultation process, and successively launched the smart tongue diagnosis, intelligent medical consultation, intelligent consultation, intelligent pulse diagnosis. It is able to simulate the preliminary consultation by mankind, the traditional Chinese medicine doctors, and collect the cause and history of illness based on the Four Diagnostic Methods in the traditional Chinese medicine, which are “Observation, Listen to breathing, Ask about symptoms and Pulse-taking“. The smart system will then transfer the integrated data analysis results to the doctor’s workspace with the hypothesis, and lastly recommend the prescription of Chinese medicine with the physique of the patient taken into consideration. “Modern Physician Hua Tuo” would effectively improve the consultation experience of the patients.

This also enables Ping An Good Doctor’s “AI+Healthcare” technology to provide both Chinese and Western medical services for users of different ages and needs. For middle-aged and elderly users, who have stronger demand for Chinese medicine, Ping An Good Doctor’s AI family TCM doctor can provide all kinds of services such as prevention of disease, medical treatment, Chinese medicine healthcare and health management to improve their health condition.

A series of AI medical technology achievements, such as “Modern Physician Hua Tuo”, one-minute clinics, AI-assisted medical system, and the smart Bluetooth earphone, Ping An Good Doctor has built a “smart medical system”, integrating technology, products and services. The system has multiplied the service capacity, accuracy and efficiency, providing one-stop quality medical and healthcare services to hundreds of millions of online and offline users.

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