Evolution of Yoga & Meditation Environment


Meditation has spread throughout the whole world.

But what is meditation? It’s actually our individualized SPACE and Environment, where we feel comfortable and in Peace.

In the past it was something practiced more in Asia and other continents, but Today has gained ampleness.

Meditation is a wide concept. There are many paths, many ways and many individual approaches. As I 100% believe that today there is an evolution of Mind and Body, also a great evolution of Consciousness on the whole Planet Earth.

Of course like in everything there are many liars, fake spirituals, fake masters, fake teachers, who are making business, some copy-paste and teaches about others ideas, or they spread some concepts, which has no basics. But on the other hand there are really good paths, or individual ways which help you to understand better the Self, to get more Piece of Mind, and Evolve rapidly.

How about evolution of the way that we meditate at home?!

This new idea is Fantastic and it is a big help in out lives.

I also believe that throughout evolution of Mind we can have evolution of our physical bodies as well. The concept that everything is possible is actually is not that far anymore.

So, as technology evolve, our mind and body evolves. There are so many negative theories, also conspiracies about that technology is bad, or it is damaging our real, natural way…

Since everything in dualism(we live in) has good and bad sides, we must get the balance and the bright Middle Path.

In non-dualism there is no such concept, as there aren’t sides, there is not good, nor bad.

Yoga also brings us something new, than the way how was understood in the past by great yogis. Yoga was/is the way of life and the own individual way. Nowadays, yoga is something else and it is implemented in our lifestyles and way of living, which is not bad till it is truthful.

In my opinion Virtual Reality, Yoga and Meditation in virtual reality is not a bad idea. It is easy, because you don’t have to leave your home. Every New technology or idea which was bring at first time to humanity was a “bad idea”, but for or me this is evolution.

We always have the right to choose how “far” we would like to go, as individuals. Just in comparison we don’t need smartphones if we don’t want it, but if we would like to work online, to use new things, to implement fresh concepts in our lives or to evolve together with the society, we can obtain for that. The idea is that nobody is forcing us. For example in the controversial social media plaftorms like Facebook, you are not forced at all, you actually don’t have to have a Facebook account, neither LinkedIn, or Twitter. For some is really useful, for companies is a necessity if they want to be known, for others is viable and passable for advertising, or other people are using it just to blame others and use for political issues.

We can use everything for good or bad.

As yoga and meditation is helping us in spiritualism, evolution and growth, it is really good that we can do it from our home.

In my personal life Yoga is a daily procedure, just like meditation.

I admit that as my life is very busy it is very comfortable to doing it in my home and/or online. I think this is really fantastic, that new possibilities has come in this matter like EvolVR.

From this September, EvolVR will offer yoga and spiritual growth meditation classes, weekly.

The unique platform, background and technology has being conceived by the founder Jeremy Nickel. There are four certified instructors like Lisa Buyer, Kevin Kowalski, Kim Montenegro, and Michael Zhang, whose workforce and implication cannot be neglected.

Jeremy D. Nickel said:

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible for spiritual exploration and personal growth in Virtual Reality. With new hardware and software becoming available every week, and the price of the necessary equipment dropping steadily, the adventure is really ahead of us,”

EvolVR will use the new Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and HTC Vive. How wonderful!

Besides adding smaller communities, and intimate groups. the platforms will also offer live events for free.

Summarizing, I would love to take the chance doing my daily yoga exercises in the mountains, or meditate by the Beach, or even in a virtual yoga studio…


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