MOOV’s Beat Runner debuts on Apple Watch Series 3


Enjoy phone-free experience with MOOV music

World’s first* technologies allow users to display their heartbeat, running data and play music directly from their Apple Watch Series 3 for a seamless phone-free workout

HONG KONGJuly 18, 2018 — MOOV, Hong Kong’s largest digital music service, today launches its Beat Runner: Running Music feature on Apple Watch Series 3.

The two-in-one feature uses the latest technology to integrate data from Apple HealthKit API (also known as Apple Health App), and displays the wearer’s heart rate and running data whilst playing music that matches the wearer’s workout goals. Beat Runner: Running Music is now available on Apple’s App Store.

Ms. Helen Sou, Senior Vice President, Digital Media of PCCW Media Group, said, “We are so excited to launch this world’s first technology in Hong Kong. At MOOV, we are committed to innovation. We looked carefully at the limitations of existing music and fitness apps, and developed a one-stop solution that allows our users to unlock their full workout potential and enjoy performance-enhancing music with no interruptions.”

Listening to the right music while you exercise can fuel motivation, build stamina and improve your running technique by encouraging the correct pace. Matching music to each phase of your workout can prepare your body with helpful cues to warm up, increase effort, accelerate or cool down. Beat Runner: Running Music intuitively adjusts the soundtrack to your workout and helps listeners get the most out of each session.

The world’s first for music app that integrates running data and music, Beat Runner: Running Musictracks data and responds to feedback directly from your Apple Watch Series 3. Without the need to scroll through your phone, pre-download music, or click through different apps, runners can now just live in the moment and focus on their performance, all set to a heart-pumping soundtrack of inspirational tunes from your Apple Watch Series 3 without an iPhone nearby. This enhanced feature presents itself as a tool for personal success and empowers runners to focus on their performance.

The unique Beat Runner: Running Music perfectly complements MOOV’s wellbeing qualities. In addition to Beat Runner, MOOV is the first and only music platform in Asia to offer a “Therapeutic Music Library”# with soothing tunes and Cantonese audio-inductions prepared by seven registered music therapists. These playlists are suitable for de-stressing, fetal development and childhood learning development.

While music has the power to entertain, MOOV is dedicated to harnessing the power of music to improve your wellbeing. With these product and content innovations, MOOV is uniquely positioned to pump up your motivation, improve your fitness performance and help you live your best life.


*    In reference to the 2016 Global Music Report, among all listed global digital music apps on Pro-music by IFPI (compared with the information on Apple App Store as of June 2018), MOOV is the only music app which can solely be used on Apple Watch Series 3 offering the feature of playing music and running simultaneously. Users do not need to connect to iPhone and download songs in advance.

#    MOOV offers the first therapeutic music library in Asia with induction in Cantonese provided by music therapists (by comparing the services offered by major digital music streaming service providers in Asia as of 24 June 2016). Please visit the official website and product information listed for more details on the functions, features and rules.

About PCCW Media

The media group of PCCW is a leading, fully integrated multimedia and entertainment group in Hong Kong.

The media group operates the leading pay-TV service in Hong Kong under the Now TV brand delivering both self-produced and licensed content to its customers using advanced IPTV technology. Now TV offers more than 180 linear channels and on demand library of local, Asian and international programming. Its premium content can also be accessed via the Now Player app. It is also a leading producer of Chinese language news, financial news and sports programming in addition to Asian infotainment content which complements its wide portfolio of licensed movie and international television content. Now TV also offers the Now E entertainment OTT (over-the-top) platform with international and Asian dramas, movies and world-class sports events, which is designed to meet the needs of viewers with Millennial lifestyle.

The media group is also engaged in the provision of OTT video service under the Viu brand in Hong Kong and 15 markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and India. In addition, MOOV is a hugely popular music digital streaming service in Hong Kong.

Moreover, the media group operates one of Asia’s leading directories businesses under the Yellow Pages brand.

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PCCW also owns a fully integrated multimedia and entertainment group in Hong Kong, PCCW Media. PCCW Media operates the largest local pay-TV operation, Now TV, and is engaged in the provision of OTT (over-the-top) video service under the Viu brand in Hong Kong and other places in the region.

Through HK Television Entertainment Company Limited, PCCW also operates a domestic free television service in Hong Kong.

Also, wholly-owned by the Group, PCCW Solutions is a leading information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing provider in Hong Kong and mainland China.

In addition, PCCW holds a majority interest in Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited, and other overseas investments. To learn more about PCCW, please visit

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