Prophet Officially Launches Globalization Strategy with the Goal of “All People Predict, the World Shares”


HANGZHOU, ChinaJuly 16, 2018 — Relying on powerful product and operations ability, Prophet has acquired 420,000 effective registered users, becoming the world-leading distributed prediction platform. Moreover, the globalization development strategy of “All people predict, the world shares” has just been announced. In additionthe Prophet team will initiate an incentive mechanism of 2% token towards global recruitment of community operations. The Prophet foundation plans to provide services to 50 million users around the globe in the next 3 years, and set up a full-domain standardized prediction contract trading platform (for finance purposes) and UGC contract trading platform (for social purposes) globally, in order to realize risk swap and value circulation around the globe.

  • Prophet: Leading Blockchain Prediction Platform Worldwide

Prophet is a prediction platform based on GXChain. Prophet makes full use of distributed public ledgers to increase the transparency of the prediction market. At the same time, Prophet encourages users to publish prediction events on the platform through token-based economic incentives. In this way, users can share their wisdom with the community. To consumers, Prophet is committed to building a mobile social prediction platform; to businesses, Prophet is committed to building an enterprise internal decision-support forecasting system. The mission of Prophet is to become thesmartest product worldwide, gathering the wisdom of the user community to effectively predict the future. Prophet secured tens of thousands of dollars during the institutional round of financing in June of this year, which was led by some of the top VCs within the blockchain industry including Liaode Capital, Shen Bo from Fenbushi Capital, GXB, GX Capital, Bit-z, Xinghe Capital and Hash Captial.

The product of Prophet was launched on May 28th. Riding on its superior product experience and immense support from users, it only took 3 days to become the leading blockchain prediction platform worldwide, The World Cup event provided a huge boost for the popularity of the product. As of July 12th, 2018the number of registered users reached 419,964, the number of prediction events reached 12,382,182 person-time, and the single-event highest prediction reached 172,202 person-time. All aspects of data are leading among all blockchain prediction platforms in the globe.

To the customer, the Prophet team is dedicated to the distributed mobile social prediction platform; To businesses, the team is dedicated to the development and operations of corporate decision-making support system. On the Prophet platform, authentic equality and openness, data-transparent and non-barrier contract deals could be truly realized. Applications of blockchain technology and token economy have really provided a solid foundation for the borderlessness and globalization of theProphet prediction platform.

  • Globalization Development Strategy

In order to provide better products and services, Prophet will further upgrade its branding and products in the near future to better cater to international and corporate users, and they officially announced the “All people predict, the world shares” globalized development strategy. As the leading blockchain prediction platform in the industry, Prophet officially launches globalized investments and development processes. Through investment, cooperation and stationing, Prophet has established partnerships with South Korea, JapanSoutheast Asia, and Euramerican countries and regions, to jointly advance the development of product technology, promotions in all markets around the globe, and establishment and operations of the communities.

According to the founder of Prophet, Fan Yayun, Prophet will launch stationing of Japanese and SouthKorean markets and community establishment, and the establishment of subsidiaries in JapanSouthKorea, and Europe are underway. Team globalization, user globalization, community globalization, operations globalization, investor globalizatioare all part of Prophet’s globalization strategy. Presently, Prophet has reached cooperation intentions with two Korean blockchain services companies, and will soon be finalized. The Prophet foundation plans to provide services to 50 million users around the globe in the next 3 years and set up a full-domain standardized prediction contract atrading platform (for finance purposes) and UGC contract trading platform (for social purposes) globally, in order to realize risk swap and value circulation around the globe.

  • International Team

The Prophet team consists of 20 full-time members, 80% of which come from top universities including ZheJiang University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Fan Yayun, CEO of Prophet, obtained a master‘s degree of finance from Fudan University. As a serial entrepreneur, Fan has rich working experience in Bain, General Electric Company and China Securities Co., Ltd., and has joined investing in multiple blockchain projects; Other core team members are from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Google, JD.COM and Chinese-listed companies, and they all have overseas learning and working experience. The team has also further attracted many overseas talents to join. There are 10 core developers on the team. Others are responsible for operations, products, and UI design.

To further improve the community development, Prophet team will initiate incentive mechanism of 2% token towards global recruitment of community operations.

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CONTACT: Shi Ruoyang, +86-136-3212-9241

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